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Menu Planning is a MUST in Saving Money

So here is how to get started budgeting you grocery bill with out an adequate stash of coupons....


See I told you saving money took discipline, especially with couponing. But seriously let me give you the run down on my shopping list this week, with No coupons and only a menu plan.

My hubs and I sat down to get our schedule together. We noted the shifts he would be working, the days he would be at school, the nights I would be at work and the days I would have to fix lunch at home and on the go. 

Then we wrote down some of our favorite meals keeping in mind they needed to be cheap meals ;-) I also noted the meals I can cook once and eat twice or more, by freezing or reheating. Here are some of the recipes we came up with; 
    1. Spaghetti 
      • reheated with added corn
      • baked spaghetti
    2. Chicken Alfredo
      • reheated with broccoli
    3. Mac and Cheese with added Ham
    4. Soft tacos with home made tortillas
Only 4 recipes for a weeks worth of dinner and maybe an extra day if you have many left overs.

I did most of my shopping at Aldis and Save-A-Lot being their prices are cheaper than the average grocer without coupons. For all the ingredients in my menu my total rang up to $60. Pretty darn good if you ask me! As for breakfast and lunch I already had those ingredients at home; peanut butter, jelly, bread, oatmeal and Bisquick.

Now with this menu I am able to collect this weeks coupons and next weeks which will give me just enough to be on track by the end of the summer......or sooner, I hope!?

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