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Let's Give Them Something to Blog About, How About Love

As I approached the halls of Blissdom, I was able to see an array of sponsors. At first I was surprised at how many there were, then I thought to myself why isn't there more? I mean really the only time I ever saw this many companies all in one place was at a flea market. Theoretically, what better place to set up a flea market than in an upscale hotel with over 700 women attending...... I didn't pack my billfold because it was empty therefore I didn't have a reason to scourer the isles in between sessions. Even for the swags in fear of being sucked in.

As I left out of the Opening Key Notes with Jon Acuff I reentered that dreaded hallway and was greeted with a 2x4 smacked into the middle of my forehead. These companies weren't here to make a dime off of us (technically) they were here because they valued our opinion. They were only interested in INVESTING in us. Us being Bloggers~ writers that post personal experiences, observations and opinions throughout web. Reaching across countries and into nations. With any were from 5 to 5,000,000 readers. All they wanted was for us to blog about them and they went to great lengths to give us unconditional LOVE.Just to make sure every post was a happy post ;-)

And I am giving them just that, starting with;
GoGo SqueeZ
GoGoSqueez sent out a last call Tweet for any one that was interested in loading up on free swag. They had plenty of goodie bags left and they did not want to pack them back home. So out of curiosity my friend and I went to check it out. I was floored when I was greeted by Jen Ribeiro, who said load up =0) I informed her that I was a pre-school teacher and that my kids LOVED GoGoSqueez and this is what happened next;

They sent me home with a bag for each of my students and then a few extra for my own children. Each bag contained a box of GoGoSqueez a toy airplane and a squeezable toy apple. The bags were awesome!!! And every kid LOVED them!!

The next great sponsor;
Famous Footwear
Who gave away these FABULOUS shoes;

and an even more fabulous t-shirt that is now my FAVORITE!!

On to my next favorite sponsor; 
Who sent me a Gorgeous Easter basket just in time for Easter. The best part is I got to choose what went in it and you know the frugal me chose all the things I could fill the baskets of all 3 of my children. Yep that's right My Gorgeous basket went from this;

to this;

all thanx to Hershey's

I actually got my hair styled by;
Played with some diamonds at;
Ritani Jewelry
Tasted some Delicious waffles and received an even more Delicious recipe at;
ConAgra Foods- Child Hunger Ends Here
encouraged us to feed the hungry by donating $$ each time we tweeted about it.


Set me up with a great nutritional plan along with a array of vitamins.

Johnson & Johnson
Is where I made a fool of myself. I LOVE them and tried to woo them but didn't 

was another favorite not only was I able to send a card to a special friend for free and.....I received one as well from Jyl at Momitforward which totally brightened my day!!

Milk PEP
Supplied us with what my kids call AWESOME spoons that you can eat with and drink with all at the same time ;-) Not to mention the even more AWESOME bowl that my oldest eats his cereal out of EVERY morning.

OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network)
Is the only reason I am sad that I don't have cable. They played the first episode of Oprah's new shoe with Paula Dean. I laughed, I cried and now I am so sad that I am missing this series. But of course you can check it out.....if you have cable ;-)

The Lorax
Hosted a wonderful party where I got to meet the crazy Lorax himself;

California Raisin
Loaded my kitchen with some much needed whisks 

Birds Eye
Loaded my up with qp's..... you know how much I LOVE qp's

Which is why
Land O’Frost
Loaded my up with even more!

One2One Network
took free pics for our own head shots, though I don't think mine turned out as good as others. What do you think?