May 24, 2012

FREE Birth Announcements

So many of my friends have had babies lately and so many more are pregnant. That may be why I am so dehydrated......I am refusing to drink the water ;-)

Anyways, I am eager to share this amazing offer from, from now til 5/31/2012 for every 10 birth announcements you buy you will receive 10 free. Yep, 10 FREE!! Just by using the code CCG2507 at check out.

Birth announcements are just a unique way of introducing the newest member of your family either by birth or adoption. And what better way to introduce you new addition than with beautiful pictures. Seriously check out Maddie's precious little face. Check out for an array of ideas. Face it when a new baby is born every one that knows you, or thinks they know you, wants to see your new bundle of joy so, you can never have too many to mail or give out.

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