May 19, 2012 Has a Savings Club

Ok I literally just came across this and I personally must check this out, therefore so do you ;-) Though I don't print many of my coupons I do like being the first to know about savings and since this is a free trial it is worth the try. 

Seems is offering a free 30 day subscription to the Savings Club where you can;

  • Gain access to exclusive high-value, premium coupons from the best-known brands. 
  • Get more coupons at greater values!! 
  • Get additional, premium coupons from top brands and up to hundreds of dollars in savings, with new offers added to the program throughout the year. 
  • Have early access Cut to the front of the line to get the best offers first. 
  • Use their Coupon Finder- Save time and money by using the Coupon Finder which aggregates coupons from manufacturers' sites across the web!
Told you it was worth a try! Now click the banner to check it out....I did!

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