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Cleaning Out the Freezer for Summer

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Yep! All week I have been Cleaning out our deep freeze to make room for summer. The summer time is always down time for my job but it is busy time for my volunteer part...I will be attending 2 summer camps this year and a week with VBS. So cooking will just be a hassle, not to mention not having the time to grocery shop! Therefore I have decided for the next 2 weeks I will be cooking enough meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) to stock my freezer for the summer and occupy my family's needs.

Now I must confess though I have done freezer cooking before I have never prepared a 3 months span, so this will be a job in its own by far. I have come up with a menu plan  for the entire summer, put together my recipes in which I will share day by day as I prepare them and completed a cooking menu in order to keep things organized.

We also LOVE our new grill so I know most of these meals will be frozen longer than the summer or be there for another family in need.

Starting this weekend I will be cooking for breakfast and part of our lunch so stayed tuned to see what kind of messes I make!

Now tell me do you do any meal planning for the summer??

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