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Cinnamon Rolls for My Freezer

Well I am on a roll with my freezer cooking. Today I fixed up some more hot pockets in which my children ate half of ;-) but I am most excited about my newest recipe Cinnamon Rolls, check it out.

I made my dough with:2C flour (self rising)1/4C sugar1t cinnamon4t butter3/4 cup of milkRolled it out like so (after letting it set for 30 min) and sprinkled a mixture of sugar and cinnamon on top of it (we use this mixture for our oatmeal, so I have a big container of it)
Starting from one end I rolled it to meet the other
Sliced them about 1" thick and placed them on a pan to flash freeze them
Once they are solid I will be loading them into freezer baggies to indulge during the summer Oh yea; Baking the cinnamon rolls: The evening before you want to bake, remove frozen cinnamon rolls from the freezer and place the pan in the refrigerator overnight. On the day you want to bake, remove pan from the refrigerator and let it rest on the counter for 20 minutes. Preheat oven to 350° F. Bake for 25…

Homemade Hot Pockets YUMMMMMY!!

I found a recipe that my grandmother had given me a long time a go, about the time that I didn't care about cooking, but by the Grace of God I found it just when I need the time when I can do nothing but cook!

My boys LOVE hot pockets but because the are so expensive and there aren't many coupons for them out there I have had to come up with a way to please their cravings...Making them myself!

The recipe that she had given me was really for fried pies but at the end of the recipe card it said "great way to make homemade hoptpocckets" I nearly jumped out of my seat when I read that because I didn't really think I could do it. Of course I had to tweek the recipe to adhere to my laziness (cheapness) and came up with this recipe found here. Sounded great to me and off I went.

First I mixed all the ingredients together

Made my filling; mixed together pizza sauce and shredded cheese
Rolled out the dough and placed my a dollop of my filling

Folded my dough over my…

Freezing PB&J Sandwiches

So when I made out my calendar on freezer cooking for the summer, I did not take into consideration my hubs getting the opportunity to work overtime...UGH!

But have no fear Super Mama is here!! ;-)

I just rearranged a few things on my schedule and instead of getting breakfast out of the way I loaded the refrigerator down with Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches. 36 to be exact. I made them all up, sliced each one down the middle and even placed them in little sandwich baggies. I am going to let them sit over night (because I forgot the freezer bags) and place them in the freezer tomorrow morning (after my hubs comes home to watch the kids).

Now I must take a few moments to brag on my hubs because I would not have been able to do this with out him. He stopped by the bread store the other day on his way home and picked up 6 loaves of bread for only $3.00 (and maybe some change). He was so proud of himself he had to take a pic and post it on Facebook. Oh how I love that man of mine!!

Cleaning Out the Freezer for Summer

Yep! All week I have been Cleaning out our deep freeze to make room for summer. The summer time is always down time for my job but it is busy time for my volunteer part...I will be attending 2 summer camps this year and a week with VBS. So cooking will just be a hassle, not to mention not having the time to grocery shop! Therefore I have decided for the next 2 weeks I will be cooking enough meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) to stock my freezer for the summer and occupy my family's needs.

Now I must confess though I have done freezer cooking before I have never prepared a 3 months span, so this will be a job in its own by far. I have come up with a menu plan  for the entire summer, put together my recipes in which I will share day by day as I prepare them and completed a cooking menu in order to keep things organized.

We also LOVE our new grill so I know most of these meals will be frozen longer than the summer or be there for another family in need.

Starting this weekend I will…

How I Budget ~ With Out Envelopes

First off I LOVE Davey Ramsey and love just about everything he preaches when it comes to money. His grand "snow ball effect" is how we got out of credit card debt and paying cash for a used car has been less stress than another car payment. But when it comes to Ramsey's famous envelope system I totally disagree. Though this system may work for a few, it doesn't work for every one. How do I know? Because it didn't work for me!

I would make the envelopes out as told and place the amount inside on payday. However when time would come to pay that bill from that envelope the money would be gone. How? I don't have enough discipline when it comes to cash on hand! Envelope #1 would run out and then I would dip into #2 or #3 in order to make up the difference and then start shuffling money around like a stack of playing cards until there was no more money to shuffle. Because this didn't work for me I started using gift cards. It's the same concept but I can…

Back in the Game With CVS

With my dwindling coupons I haven't had the chance or the opportunity to check out CVS in a long time, so now I am so excited to get back in the game. Here are some things that are on my list for today;

Children's Allegra allergy 12hr 12ct or liquid 4oz $9.99 get $4.99 ECB Limit 1Free after coupon/ecb
$5.00/1 Allegra 30 ct or higher, Allegra-D 10ct or higher or Children;s Allegra (SS 5/6)
Good'n Natural energy bar 2.2oz $0.99 Free after coupon
Good'n Natural Free bar up to $1.29 (RP 5/6)
General Mills cereal 10.6-14oz, Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal bars 6ct, Nature Valley granola bars or thins 6-12ct 3/$9 get $4 ECB wyb (3)Limit 1 $1/3 General Mills Cereal, (SS 04/22/12)
$0.50/1 box of Honey Nut Cheerios,, one time use only, exp. 5/31/12
$0.75/1 box of Fiber One,, one time use only, exp. 5/31/12

$0.50/1 box of Trix (if included),, one time use only, exp. 5/31/12
Beyonce, Heidi Klum, Shakira, Halle or Faith Hill .5-1oz $10 ECB wyb $25 L…

Menu Planning is a MUST in Saving Money

So here is how to get started budgeting you grocery bill with out an adequate stash of coupons....

See I told you saving money took discipline, especially with couponing. But seriously let me give you the run down on my shopping list this week, with No coupons and only a menu plan.
My hubs and I sat down to get our schedule together. We noted the shifts he would be working, the days he would be at school, the nights I would be at work and the days I would have to fix lunch at home and on the go. 
Then we wrote down some of our favorite meals keeping in mind they needed to be cheap meals ;-) I also noted the meals I can cook once and eat twice or more, by freezing or reheating. Here are some of the recipes we came up with;  Spaghetti reheated with added cornbaked spaghettiChicken Alfredoreheated with broccoliMac and Cheese with added HamSoft tacos with home made tortillas Only 4 recipes for a weeks worth of dinner and maybe an extra day if you have many left overs.

I did…

When I Say I am Behind I Am being Nice to Myself

This is just a little bit of a glimpse at what my depression did to my coupon stash. From starting over in my pantry to starting over in my clipping.

I sat down to clear out my expired coupons but I didn't realize that it would actually leave my binders empty.

My hubs, who is a wonderful man, takes as much pride in my couponing as I do, set out this morning to get me back on track by buying me 5 newspapers. Yes I usually buy 6 but at this point ...who is keeping count, right? 

So, I sat down with scissors in hand and started clipping....Well in theory I did. Seems that though my cabinets are looking a little better and I have a starting point on my coupons, my motivation is still lacking. 
I just can't seem to kick.......the.....Laziness??
WI mean what else would you call it?

Let's Give Them Something to Blog About, How About Love

As I approached the halls of Blissdom, I was able to see an array of sponsors. At first I was surprised at how many there were, then I thought to myself why isn't there more? I mean really the only time I ever saw this many companies all in one place was at a flea market. Theoretically, what better place to set up a flea market than in an upscale hotel with over 700 women attending...... I didn't pack my billfold because it was empty therefore I didn't have a reason to scourer the isles in between sessions. Even for the swags in fear of being sucked in.

As I left out of the Opening Key Notes with Jon Acuff I reentered that dreaded hallway and was greeted with a 2x4 smacked into the middle of my forehead. These companies weren't here to make a dime off of us (technically) they were here because they valued our opinion. They were only interested in INVESTING in us. Us being Bloggers~ writers that post personal experiences, observations and opinions throughout web. Reachi…