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Living Close to God (When You're Not Good At It) Book Review

After reading several books about prayer in marriage, I decided to venture out for my own personal relationship with God, Living Close to God (When You're Not Good At It) helped me do just that. However I must say that this book longed for simplicity.

The author, Gene Edwards, nailed it in the first few chapters and then lost me to boredom. Yet it wasn't a wasted read. I learned to slow down. By slowing down I was able to find my relationship with God more meaningful. Actually relying on him to lead me on my path. I had to jump out of my routine relying on devotion after devotion in order to retain my relationship with God. I can not quote many scriptures off hand but I know what I know and I know I need accountability in order to stay close to the one that loves me the most. So I need to keep reading my devotions!

Though Gene Edwards brings out great points on actually using prayer to talk with God, we differ on the reason for length. As I recall some of the prayers of David were short and to the point. Jesus taught us more about prayer in the last hours of His life than I read in this book.

Now I have to admit that I am no expert on prayer nor do I pray as often as I should, therefore I don't feel comfortable enough to through any opinions around about this book. Yet my personal beliefs are that communication is they key to any healthy relationship even with our Savior.

**I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group through their Blogging for Books program for this review.