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How I Budget ~ Giving Every Dollar a Name

As appose to writing it all on paper, you have to go into great detail, by giving every dollar a name and when I say every I mean EVERY. Not just mortgage and utilities, go right down to the very last penny, even if it is going into your debt jar name it.

for example;

  • Income - 1750
    • Mortgage - 1252.02
    • Utilities - 89.02
    • Auto 379.89
your remaining balance would be 29.07, but you are going to give it a name and a home.

  • If you are in credit card debt name it your 1st snow ball account and send it off. 
  • If you can use it as savings, name it and put it into an account.
  • If you are saving for a vacation or a special gift make your self a savings jar so you won't be tempted to touch it.

This is how you make your $$ work for you by calling it out and telling it where to go!! Here are a few tips;

Round up in your check register that way you won't find yourself in a pinch.
For instance if your light bill is $102.39 write your check as is then, log it into your register as $103.00 So you now become $.61 to the good. Though you have to forget about your $.61 as if it disappeared!!

NEVER have "play" money
now it is ok to have an emergency fund, but you gotta have a place for it. Don't just stick it in your purse for roadside assistance, that is what AAA is for. Give your emergency fund a name AND a home!!

Never have cash period
Even for emergencies there is no reason to have cash. You are more likely to spend it some where other than it was intended to be spent and besides you an make more $$ off of not having cash. How is this possible, I will show you.....next week. In the mean time get to naming your $$ and making/stuffing those debt jars!!