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Glow in the Dark Eggs with Erupting Volcanoes

I know that this post is long over due but I had to share with you the amazing Easter that we had this year. We don't hardly go all out for this holiday, only because we concentrate on the meaning however I do recall some amazing memories at my grandmothers house on Easter Sunday. Though we don't congregate there anymore I refuse for my children not to have the same meaningful memories and this year we went all out.

We started the weekend off with Resurrection cookies. A friend of ours gave us the instructions and the recipe but the cookies didn't turn out very good so......I am in search of a better recipe. But the concept was GREAT!! Each ingredient resembled every event that took place before, during and even after Jesus died on the cross;
From the beating that Jesus received from the soldiers

His blood cleaning us white as snow

to sealing the tomb (taping the oven shut)

And when Jesus rose (the cookies were done) the tomb was empty (the cookies were hollow.......yea not quite). Wile adding each ingredient our oldest read each corresponding verse to go with it;

That after noon we colored eggs the cool way. By using food coloring, vinegar and baking soda. Yep baking soda, check it out;

Mix your food coloring with your baking soda and add a little water to make a paste. Use a paintbrush to color your egg

Then place it in a shallow dish (with sides) and pour on the vinegar. The kids LOVED this part

 We started getting crunched for time and running low on eggs so each child got 1 last egg and used their favorite color to create their own volcano

Later that evening we gathered a few of our neighbors and had a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt. Who knew throwing glow bracelets in a plastic egg could be so much fun.

The next Easter morning the boys were greeted with their baskets

Before Church, oh I forgot to add through this whole weekend we also volunteered for 4 of our 8 Church services =0P But before Church services began on Easter Sunday My hubs and a few hubs in our small group were honored in Courageous ceremony. Not if you haven't seen the movie Courageous you have no idea what I am talking about, so go see it so you will know!
This pic chokes me up, our boys are witnessing his signed resolution

What a handsome bunch of courageous men.....I think I cut out a few =0(

My Man!
and his resolution.

That afternoon the hunt was on and this his how we hide at our house

if you can't tell we throw the candy off the deck
or in the middle of the yard

Though we carefully place the golden eggs ;-)

So that sums up one of our glorious, fun filled, rejoicing, and amazing weekend, one of the many I pray my children will never forget!

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