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Tackle it Tuesday ~ Clogged Dishwasher

Coming back from Blissdom with my priorities in order I have decided to only blog at nap time, when the boys are napping anyway. With my schedule being so hectic it is hard to find quiet computer time ;-) However I am enjoying the new schedule all because I now have time for the important things such as my clogged-up dishwasher, UGH!

My first load of dishes for the day left water standing at the bottom of the washer, YUK!

After much investigating and a few phone calls to my daddy, I found the source of the problems. Can you say DISGUSTING?!?!

Even more so the smell I received after I unhooked the hose from my garbage disposal. If we had smell-a-blog you could understand my gag reflex, BLAQ!

The only thing that would work was my lint cleaner for my dryer, let's just say I now need a new one =0( However it went out with a bang and was very appreciated for its hard work. 

Oh but the feel of great accomplishment for doing a "mans job" is priceless ;-)