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Tackle it Tuesday ~ Bookshelf

So I cam across instructions on how to make your own bookshelf and I am sad to say that I lost the link as to where they came from =0( Now because I went by the instructions from another blogger I didn't write them down therefore I don't have the measurements I used, however I have plenty of pics of the finished project ;-)

My 2 youngest have to share a room which makes for a cramped play room, so the only furniture in their room is their beds. My boys love to read and have an etiquette library for their age but no place to but their books. SO when I cam across this make your own bookshelf I was ecstatic! and so were my boys as well as impressed =0)

All I used was some fabric I had on hand (a table clothe), Double hang curtain rods and a glue gun ;-) Cut the table clothe to size, folded it in half, glues the ends around the curtain rods, hung the brackets and WALA!!

It holds their books perfectly and very stylish I might add ;-)