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Sterling Silhouettes

So after my last post on how I made the silhouettes for our preschool class, I decided to spice it up for my own personal preferences. I thought this time I would be a little more detailed about how I did it, just to show you that it really is easy.....not like mom use to do it

First of all I found these shiny serving trays at the Dollar Tree.
I then took a side pic of my children, one at a time, much like a mug shot, lol. Printed it out in black and white on regular copy paper. No need for high quality printing these are not the keepers.
I then place the photo on top of black vinyl and traced around my son's portrait with slight pressure to ensure indention on the vinyl.
After that I cut out his silhouette along the indention that was traced out and place it in the center of one of the trays.
Being that I have 3 boys this is what my master piece looks like when finished.
I just hot glued ribbon to the backs and hung them by the bow.In the near future I will replace the blue/green ribbon with black. 

This wall is a sight for sore eyes and I am doing my best to spice it up. I'm thinking on of those fancy frames around the thermostat....What do you think?