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The Journey to Finding My Bliss (Writing Mojo) ~ Part 2

So in my last post I shared with you the beginning of my journey in great detail but in this post I am going to try and sum it up without rambling ;-) Because the first session I attended at Blissdom, given by Amy Gaff and Scott Alder, was a writing session the expressed how less is more. HMMMMM not sure that I will ever be able to accomplish that on this blog but I will try and I did learn a lot more than that. Such as;

  • Keep your headline at 5 to 7 words
  • Write clear crisp uncomplicated sentences......?
  • Omit needless words and phrases......
  • Don't over create with punctuation....
  • End your post with a question
Yep I got a challenge in front of me, lol.

I must say that this session was FANTASTIC! Especially the editing part.

The next 2 sessions I want to tell you about were given by Tami Heim and Justin McCullough. These 2 sessions were very similar in deed and were scheduled at the perfect times. Justin first, then Tami next ;-) They were all about passion, purpose and goals, for your personal and professional life. They went deep, Tami went extremely deep and Justin was my confirmation that I wasn't at Blissdom by accident. I found my purpose, have set my priorities in order and am ready to share passion.

I have misplaced the notes to the other session I wanted to share with you so as soon as I find them I will post it ;-0

With all of this said I do wish that Blissdom offered more nuts and bolts sessions however being that this was my fork in the road, I feel these sessions were assigned specifically with me in mind ;-)

To sum it up I found my writing mojo and connected with some amazing people, built new relationships and even made some stronger, which is another post in itself! I am glad, blessed and honored that I went to Blissdom and can not wait til next year!