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The Journey to Finding My Bliss (Writing Mojo)

Blissdom was my first ever blogging conference and I must say that it won't be my last. Buying my ticket was a journey in itself until Nancy Wurtzel, my Blissdom Angel, with Dating Dementia came to my rescue. When the check was cashed it official became real to me, I was actually going to peruse this hobby called blogging. The problem was I lost my writing mojo a long time ago and wasn't sure that it could ever be found. So I described Blissdom as my fork in the road, with my writing mojo in one direction and an entirely different bliss in the other.

I arrived at registration 2 hours early due to a miscommunication error on Blissdom's part, but no fret I just got to catch up with my new friend Becky at Becky's Graphic Design and totally scoped out her awesome Blissdom bag ;-)

My first stop was the Newcomers Meet Up and it was if I was walking into my junior year of high school all over again. (Mind you my family had just moved and I didn't know a soul =0() Despite the fact we (newcomers) had all been talking on FB since the official launch I was still overwhelmed and wanted to hide in a corner. But I sucked it up and stuck out my hand to shake with the first person I ran into.....who was a total heart breaker. The first words out of her mouth were nothing more than a confession that she was not who her blog said she was. Why did that bother me? Yes, I know I did that for several years but in my defense EVERYTHING in this blog is from my heart and all my experiences I truly experienced. There is nothing made up and I do know about what I am writing! The only thing I ever changed was my name which, I might add, is no longer hidden =0)

Anyways I will stop there because God showed up.

I slipped out to call my hubs to tell him that I was wrong about all of this. This wasn't me or where I needed to be but since I had already paid for the ticket I was going to make sure I attended every session I could to get my money's worth. Shortly after that I saw this tweet  anyone want to grab a late lunch? from Lisa Hippler with Bloganizer my immediate response was YES I am starving, lol. It ended up being the best lunch by far Lisa is amazing and absolutely funny. She changed my direction toward Blissdom all because she was the real deal and made me forget all about the fake I had met earlier.

Before my next stop I met up with some local Bloggers, each of them being the real deal ;-)

My next stop was the kick off reception where Jon Acuff reached out into my spine, grabbed my insecurities and opened for the whole room to see. What was it that he said?

  • Don't compare
  • Ask yourself what is your joy
  • Look for the hinge not the eureka 
  • Spend time on the things that matter
  • Disappoint people
  • Ignore the voices
  • 1insult x 100000compliments = 1insult and if you concentrate on that 1insult you won't hear the 100000compliments
Yes, everything I had been hearing for the past several moths he highlighted on stage in front f the entire Blissdom conference. And that was all the confirmation I needed in order to brace myself for the true journey that was about to begin.

To  be continued.....................