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It's Official ~ He is a Sailor!!

I have prayed for this day for almost 2 months now. My son had his hope high for this day and I worried so much about disappointing him. However with deep thought and much prayer by many, I know now that in Tennessee is where I am suppose to stay =0( yet it doesn't make me feel any better.....

Today my precious nephew graduates from Navy training and Oficially become a US Navy Sailor<- still unsure of his politically correct position. GO NAVY!!!

I will never forget when he and his siblings came to stay the weekend with us. He is the oldest of three but that weekend he was the oldest of 4 and being their ages are so far apart, he was bored out of his mind. This was the year that my hubs became a firefighter and our oldest nephew was truly intrigued by that. We lived close to the hospital and it was pretty typical for the family to run to the front yard when we would hear life flight fly over our head.

Just as I was telling my hubs we needed to find something that interested our oldest nephew, we felt the vibration and started to hear the helicopter coming. Immediately my son ran to the door to go to the front yard, the others had no idea what was going on. As I was explaining it to the other little ones, our oldest nephew poured out the questions and lit up like the 4th of July. I looked at my hubs, he looked at me and off they went. To the hospital to watch life flight land.

My hubs came back and was on cloud nine. He said that he had never seen him so excited before. They got close enough to actually see the patient being transported even talked to a few of the paramedics (not from the aircraft though) Our oldest nephew was tickled to death and took great pride in telling the little ones what it was like.

That was the last weekend they stayed with us =0( Ever since that day my hubs and I have prayed over him and have asked God to give him a path of great rewards. He is so amazingly smart and knows just the right questions to ask in order to gain more knowledge about something. We knew that it would have to be with God's guidance to get him to see just how wonderful he was and the extremes he could go to once he realized his own expectations.

Needless to say when we got word he was going into the Navy we were so thrilled and even more so when we learned he was going into the medical field....yep paramedics ;-) Though my hubs has encouraged him to take advantage of the training and take it as far as it well stretch. Last we heard he was changing his interest to Doctrine =0)

We learned all this in December and did what ever we could to save the money to be there on his graduation day. However due to some unforeseen circumstances not only are we not there but I have yet to mail any of the letters I have written him =0( Don't know why but I trust that He does.

So this morning as I sit next to my blue candle I imagine what it would be like to hug him; has he put on more weight? what about those skinny arms? do they now have meat and muscle? what does he look like in his uniform? has he made a lot of friends? does he regret it? is he excited? I so wish I could hear him talk about all that he has been through and what he expects from here on out. What about the ceremony; was it elegant? do they take great pride in what the are doing for these young men? or are they putting on a show? how many people are there? how many are graduating? Oh the agony of not being there =0(

Though regardless of our presence our oldest nephew is now a Navy Sailor and we couldn't be more proud of him!!!!