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I ♥ Drugstores ~ CVS

I absolutely LOVE CVS!!! I even did half of my Christmas shopping there last year, it was fabulous especially since I received MOST of my products free. The best part is they reward you quarterly as well ;-)

Wanna know how?

First of all you will need to find if there is a CVS store near you.

Second you will need to sign up for an ECB (Extra Care Bucks) card. You can do this online or in store, just ask your cashier for an application and he/she will have the card for you immediately. To apply online you will have to wait for the card to arrive in the mail.

Extra Care Bucks is the name of the rewards the company offers you, basically extra care bucks are just like money only in coupon form that is printed out at the bottom of your receipt. You can use ecb's on your next transactions. Yet, ECB’s can not be used on prescriptions, tobacco and/or alcohol products. Each week as well as every month CVS will run promotions to earn ECB’s, for example if you by abc you will receive xyz in ECBs. There is a different sales ad for the monthly ECBs that you will find in stores only.

Along with ECB’s at the bottom of your receipt you may also find in-store coupons and/or $ off transactions, example $5 off $20. Most CVS’s also have a coupon machine inside their store in which you can scan your card and receive these coupons to use on this transaction rather than the next.

CVS takes all manufacture coupons and all internet coupons along with in store coupons and $ off transactions coupons, giving you the ability to stack coupons (mani + store + $off) for each item. Although there is a certain order to make sure you get the most bangs for your buck;
1)Always have the cashier scan your CVS card first
2)Follow with $ off transaction coupon
3)Cvs in-store coupon
4)Manufacture coupons

CVS will not price match nor will they take competitor coupons on products other than prescriptions.

You can use your sales ads to match up manufacture coupons with ECB promotions in order to “make money”. Technically you don’t make money being that you receive your “profit” through ECBs, for example if you have a $1 off coupon for Pantene that you can purchase for $2 and receive $2 in ECBs, you just made $1 profit which is better than free! I like to use Iheartcvs.com for coupon match ups, she gives you coupon match ups as well as weekly sales in advance. Don’t be reluctant on buying things you don’t need in order to accumulate ECBs because you can always give to charity especially if it is free or a money maker.

Once you have the basics your can start arranging scenarios in order to roll your ECBs, the more you build the less you pay out of pocket (oop). This is done through more than one transaction and can be in different stores as long as it is in the same sales week (except for monthly deals). An example of a scenario is as follows;

febreeze- $3.50
$2.00 coupon
total oop- $1.50
Ecb's earned $2.00
$.50 profit

$1.00 coupon
$2.00 ecb (from transaction 1)
total oop-$1.99
Ecb's earned-$4.99
$3.00 profit

$4.99 ecb (from transaction 2)
total oop-0.00
ecb's earned- $4.99
$5.00 profit
Grand total oop-$3.49
Total products-$13.48
Ecb's for next transaction-$4.99*Profit is not actual cash back.

You do not have to do all transaction all in one day just with in the week of the sales. I try my best in not going over 3 transactions in one visit being that there are other customers in the store. Remember to be respectful and move aside if you create a long line behind you ;-)

CVS is not a list that I pay for on the Grocery Game being that I rely on Iheartcvs.com though I do have to double check sales every now and then, she has never steered me wrong =0)

If you are interested I can begin, again, to post my weekly scenarios for you, just drop a comment below to let me know!