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I ♥ Drug Stores

I have been so wrapped up in preporations for Blissdom I totally forgot about about introducing you to my next step on  How I Save and that is with Drugstores. I ♥Drugstores, literally. Drugstores are 75-95% of my grocery savings being they practically pay me to shop at their stores and I spend less out of pocket than I do ANYWHERE.

Doesn't that sound awesome, being paid to shop?!

Yes anywhere, yes drugstore items are included in my grocery budget and no it's not just medicine =0)

Most of your national drugstores offer you rewards for shopping with them. Each drug store has different rewards yet still offer you the same concept. What makes them different are their rules and regulations =0( but I will get to each one throughout this week.

I will explain the pros and cons of each of my favorite drugstores;

  • CVS
  • Walgreens
  • Rite Aid
Like I said each one offers the same concept, you buy this we will give you this much $ back, yet each one has different disclosures on how to use the $ that you get back. Does it sound confusing? It can be, but once you understand it you'll never be confused again. That is why I am going to explain each store in it's own post, giving you time to take it in and ask questions ;-)

In my next post I will explain CVS so you may want to either visit cvs.com or your local store to get sign up with their ECB (extra care bucks) program.

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