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Finding My Bliss

So in the beginning I was just trying to play along with all of the "EEEEEKKK"ing and "SQUEEELLLL"ing  that every other woman on Twitter was tweeting about Blissdom, but now as the time gets closer and I read all these fabulous blogs, the "SQEEEEEEL"ing and "EEEEEEEK"ing are starting to consume me. Yes I have the small blogger syndrome and am not sure if I will fit in this enormous crowd, especially since I am still unsure of my niche.....unless there is a niche category for inconsistency?? <-if that even makes since?

Look around, there is nothing fancy about his place but it is mine ALL MINE and I do take great pride in that =0/ I haven't been here as long as I have been blogging due to the fact I began on Myspace <- does that even exist anymore, lol. Needless to say when I left Myspace (on bad terms) I left blogging =0(

Until some friends of mine mentioned that they missed my posts, which made me feel good =0) but it was those (bad terms) critics that kept me shying away =0( Then a friend of mine begged me to just write about my savings, being that we had 5 kids between us and not enough quiet time to talk about it face to face ;-) So I found Blogger and began to write again, however I was only writing about my savings and I was only worried about my friends not my stats. Yet over time it was like I directed everyone in a different direction, away from here......long story short that isn't my niche, though I LOVE to write about How I Save and will continue to do so ;-) but I want to do more =0/

Gonna Get My Bliss On at Blissdom!When I heard about Blissdom (again) I knew this was the opportunity I had been praying about. The opportunity to break out of my shell and begin the write from the heart (again) about me and my thoughts, about what I love, what I have been through and what I am going through. I have tried to walk away from this blog but the Lord has shown me the abilities this blog has in order to allow his glory to shine brighter.

He has introduced me to Amy Gross at Moms Tool Box and Darlene at Time-Warp-Wife who have lead me to many others like Candace Cameron Bure. I know the Lord has lead me to Blissdom and I know that Blissdom will help me find my Bliss and I can't wait to tell you all about it........in less than 2weeks from now, EEEEEKKKK ;-)