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Well......Yesterday I told you about my ambition for attending Blissdom this year, along with all the praying and hoping it was where I am suppose to be. I also confessed my silly antics I mimicked in order to coincide with wishful thinking =0/

Today I am able to continue the post with this announcement..................


Yep that is right, it has all worked out to where I am able to attend Blissdom this year, right in my own home town. Yet I am still looking for a sponsor =0(

Did I mention I am excited??? This will be my first blogging conference =0) 

Why am I sharing this with you? Because I expect this conference to answer all my blogging questions I have had, to encourage me to stick with this awesome, yet therapeutic hobby and to show me how to make Prudent Wisdom more than a hobby. Making it more enjoyable for you to read and worth sharing with your friends. 

Thank you so much to all of you that have stuck with me from the beginning, you have come through so many changes with me and I appreciate you, as I do all my readers, however more changes are to come ;-)

So sit back and watch my Bliss unfold =0)