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About Me ~ The Ice Breaker

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         I am;
  • ME ;-) and no one else!
  • a very fragile spirit, I can cry at the drop of a hat
  • a true Sagittarius, just Google it ;-)
  • a mother of 3 handsome men in training, for God's glorious army of courageous warriors,
  • a firefighter's wife to my soul mate, the man of my dreams and the hero of our hearts, 
  • a preschool teacher, at our home Church
  • a follower and lover of Jesus Christ, 
  • a forgiven sinner,
  • a saint who sins ;-)
  • a daughter from the 2 greatest parents ever
  • a sister to my little brother that I love!!
  • a granddaughter to 4 even greater grandparents
  • an aunt to many nieces and nephews that are not descendants of my brother
  • the best friend you will ever have, because I will tell you when those jeans make you look fat
  • the worst friend you will ever meet because I will be too busy to cook you dinner when you are ill
  • My name is Dana ;-)
I love blogging and connecting with others but a lot of times it consumes my precious family time, which is why I believe God connects me with those closest to me rather than across the globe. Although I am honestly longing for that pen pal in a far off country. Hopefully one day they will find me ;-)

My hubs and I have had quite the journey in our marriage and love sharing our testimony with others, because through our trials we gained triumph and now have the greatest marriage we never imagined. Because of that we LOVE sharing our journey!!

Our 3 boys are complete gifts from God being that 2 out of the 3 are birth control babies =-0 But I can NOT imagine my life any other way and uncontrollably laugh at the day we (my hubs and I) vowed against having children. Being a parent gives me everything to talk about ;-)

Through this blog you will discover so much more about me from my heroic lifestyle of being a firefighters wife to being fully involved my children's life and the childcare events at our Church. Yet I must warn you I am a spontaneous writer therefore each post is a surprise =0)

None the less I am glad you stopped by and stayed long enough to read about me. I pray you'll come again ;-)

Will I see you at Blissdom?