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The Journey to Finding My Bliss (Writing Mojo)

Blissdom was my first ever blogging conference and I must say that it won't be my last. Buying my ticket was a journey in itself until Nancy Wurtzel, my Blissdom Angel, with Dating Dementia came to my rescue. When the check was cashed it official became real to me, I was actually going to peruse this hobby called blogging. The problem was I lost my writing mojo a long time ago and wasn't sure that it could ever be found. So I described Blissdom as my fork in the road, with my writing mojo in one direction and an entirely different bliss in the other.

I arrived at registration 2 hours early due to a miscommunication error on Blissdom's part, but no fret I just got to catch up with my new friend Becky at Becky's Graphic Design and totally scoped out her awesome Blissdom bag ;-)

My first stop was the Newcomers Meet Up and it was if I was walking into my junior year of high school all over again. (Mind you my family had just moved and I didn't know a soul =0() Despite …

I Found My Bliss

And ready to share all that I have learned with you! However, I have learned so much that it is going to take me a while to put it all together ;-)
I went to Blissdom in search of y Bliss and I am proud to say that I FOUND IT, YAY!!!
This week I am going to be putting everything into practice. I have set some goals (mostly personal) and I am making some vast changes in my life. The best part is; my hubs is supporting me 100% with these decisions.
Through the inspiring speakers that I listened to at Blissdom I have been able to put all that I have been struggling with the past 3 months into perspective. It was no accident that I was there!!
Thank you all for following me on Twitter and supporting me with so much inspiration and encouragement. I am not sure I would have made it through the weekend with out you!

I ♥ Drugstores ~ Rite Aid

Due to time consumption I again rely on another source to collect my Rite Aid shopping list. I will be honest and tell you that in my opinions Rite Aid is more time consuming that any other drugstore. Being that the more videos you watch the more coupons you receive, though I don't have time to watch a whole lot. However if you like at it this way.... you get paid to watch TV ;-)

Thanx to
for the updated qp Policy

rite aid gladly accepts the following coupon types as detailed in the coupon acceptance guidelines listed below:
coupon types:
manufacturer coupons
· manufacturer coupons are found in newspapers, magazines and even affixed to products. the upc on these coupons begins with a "5."

rite aid manufacturer coupons · rite aid manufacturer coupons generally appear in our weekly circular, on our website and are sent to customers via e-mail. these coupons are labeled "manufacturer coupon" and have a upc that begins with "49."
rite aid valuable coupons · r…

I ♥ Drugstores ~ Walgreens

I must confess before you read the rest of this post I honestly and solely rely on for my Walgreen's shopping. I tried to wing it 2 Thanksgivings ago and royally screwed up. is completely free and you can learn even more from her comments.
I also use there you can follow a weekly $5 challenge, where you are challenged to spend no more than $5 out of pocket. Kingdom first Mom also gives you a weekly scenario to start you off.
Being that I can't hang with Walgreen's as well as I can with CVS I have copied the following info for you to read up on. (then maybe you can explain it to me ;-))

Image via Wikipedia
As a customer-focused retailer, Walgreens encourages the use of coupons by our customers in our retail stores, in accordance with the following guidelines. Guidelines: GeneralAll valid coupons should be presented to the cashier at the time of checkout.Walgreens does not accept expired coupons.Coupons and their face …

I ♥ Drugstores ~ CVS

I absolutely LOVE CVS!!! I even did half of my Christmas shopping there last year, it was fabulous especially since I received MOST of my products free. The best part is they reward you quarterly as well ;-)

Wanna know how?

First of all you will need to find if there is a CVS store near you.
Second you will need to sign up for an ECB (Extra Care Bucks) card. You can do this online or in store, just ask your cashier for an application and he/she will have the card for you immediately. To apply online you will have to wait for the card to arrive in the mail.
Extra Care Bucks is the name of the rewards the company offers you, basically extra care bucks are just like money only in coupon form that is printed out at the bottom of your receipt. You can use ecb's on your next transactions. Yet, ECB’s can not be used on prescriptions, tobacco and/or alcohol products. Each week as well as every month CVS will run promotions to earn ECB’s, for example if you by abc you will receive xyz in …

I ♥ Drug Stores

I have been so wrapped up in preporations for Blissdom I totally forgot about about introducing you to my next step on  How I Save and that is with Drugstores. I ♥Drugstores, literally. Drugstores are 75-95% of my grocery savings being they practically pay me to shop at their stores and I spend less out of pocket than I do ANYWHERE.

Doesn't that sound awesome, being paid to shop?!

Yes anywhere, yes drugstore items are included in my grocery budget and no it's not just medicine =0)

Most of your national drugstores offer you rewards for shopping with them. Each drug store has different rewards yet still offer you the same concept. What makes them different are their rules and regulations =0( but I will get to each one throughout this week.

I will explain the pros and cons of each of my favorite drugstores;

CVSWalgreens Rite Aid Like I said each one offers the same concept, you buy this we will give you this much $ back, yet each one has different disclosures on how to use the $ …

About Me ~ The Ice Breaker

I am; ME ;-) and no one else!a very fragile spirit, I can cry at the drop of a hata true Sagittarius, just Google it ;-)a mother of 3 handsome men in training, for God's glorious army of courageous warriors,a firefighter's wife to my soul mate, the man of my dreams and the hero of our hearts, a preschool teacher, at our home Churcha follower and lover of Jesus Christ, a forgiven sinner,a saint who sins ;-)a daughter from the 2 greatest parents evera sister to my little brother that I love!!a granddaughter to 4 even greater grandparentsan aunt to many nieces and nephews that are not descendants of my brotherthe best friend you will ever have, because I will tell you when those jeans make you look fatthe worst friend you will ever meet because I will be too busy to cook you dinner when you are illMy name is Dana ;-) I love blogging and connecting with others but a lot of times it consumes my precious family time, which is why I believe God connects me with those closest to me rat…


This weekend was the best and most spiritual weekend I could have ever imagined. I know my last post I relayed how devastated I was not to be at our nephews Navy graduation and though my heart is still  sore for not being able to be apart of that, the Lord did more than heal that wound with the experience He gave me instead.

It was experience that I have NEVER experienced before........

Lisa Harper was our speaker during a women's event called Momentum at our Church. If you have never listened to Lisa speak before I totally recommend checking out her website. She is funny, hilarious and speaks directly form the heart. Sharing her story with us was truly inspirational!!

As Lisa was speaking, on the last day of our event, she was sharing with us a vision of dancing with our father, Jesus Christ. As she spoke we were to close our eyes and envision what we think Jesus would look like today...... khakis? polo? button shirt with a suit jacket? crocks? etc..... Then she guided us through …

Finding My Bliss

So in the beginning I was just trying to play along with all of the "EEEEEKKK"ing and "SQUEEELLLL"ing  that every other woman on Twitter was tweeting about Blissdom, but now as the time gets closer and I read all these fabulous blogs, the "SQEEEEEEL"ing and "EEEEEEEK"ing are starting to consume me. Yes I have the small blogger syndrome and am not sure if I will fit in this enormous crowd, especially since I am still unsure of my niche.....unless there is a niche category for inconsistency?? <-if that even makes since?

Look around, there is nothing fancy about his place but it is mine ALL MINE and I do take great pride in that =0/ I haven't been here as long as I have been blogging due to the fact I began on Myspace <- does that even exist anymore, lol. Needless to say when I left Myspace (on bad terms) I left blogging =0(

Until some friends of mine mentioned that they missed my posts, which made me feel good =0) but it was those (bad t…

It's Official ~ He is a Sailor!!

I have prayed for this day for almost 2 months now. My son had his hope high for this day and I worried so much about disappointing him. However with deep thought and much prayer by many, I know now that in Tennessee is where I am suppose to stay =0( yet it doesn't make me feel any better.....

Today my precious nephew graduates from Navy training and Oficially become a US Navy Sailor<- still unsure of his politically correct position. GO NAVY!!!

I will never forget when he and his siblings came to stay the weekend with us. He is the oldest of three but that weekend he was the oldest of 4 and being their ages are so far apart, he was bored out of his mind. This was the year that my hubs became a firefighter and our oldest nephew was truly intrigued by that. We lived close to the hospital and it was pretty typical for the family to run to the front yard when we would hear life flight fly over our head.

Just as I was telling my hubs we needed to find something that interested our …

How I Save ~ Stocking My Reserve

Several years ago back when the world was coming to an end as we knew it, I learned the importance of having a well stocked pantry. Remember Y2K? Well remember those crazy people that were stocking up on can foods and water? Well, I was on one of those crazy people.....SERIOUSLY!

Not only was my pantry well stocked but so was my attic, my utility room, my garden and my wood shed. I took notes and printed of so many papers on how to live like Grizzly Adams I knew I would survive with my hubs on bare minimum.

Obviously the world did not end on January 1, 2000 but within that month I became pregnant and forgot all about my stockpile. However 5 months later I was put on strict bed rest, due to complications in my pregnancy and was not able to work till well after the pregnancy was over. Still forgetting about my stock.

A month after we brought our bundle of joy home the strain of one income was starting to hurt. My hubs was pushing wrenches in a small town which wasn't a whole lot, ou…


Well......Yesterday I told you about my ambition for attending Blissdom this year, along with all the praying and hoping it was where I am suppose to be. I also confessed my silly antics I mimicked in order to coincide with wishful thinking =0/

Today I am able to continue the post with this announcement..................

Yep that is right, it has all worked out to where I am able to attend Blissdom this year, right in my own home town. Yet I am still looking for a sponsor =0(
Did I mention I am excited??? This will be my first blogging conference =0) 
Why am I sharing this with you? Because I expect this conference to answer all my blogging questions I have had, to encourage me to stick with this awesome, yet therapeutic hobby and to show me how to make Prudent Wisdom more than a hobby. Making it more enjoyable for you to read and worth sharing with your friends. 
Thank you so much to all of you that have stuck with me from the beginning, …

There's No Place Like Blissdom....

There's no place like Blissdom, there's no place like Blissdom, there's no place like Blissdom, there's no place like Blissdom.

Blissdom has been on my radar since the last time they were in Nashville, which I think was only 2 years ago?? Well as you know they are back in Nashville and yet again I didn't think I was going to be able to attend due to financial reasons. That is why I searched for a sponsor and desperately chased #blissdom around the twittersphere, just praying that something would work out.

Today out of desperation I tried twitching my nose like Tabitha Stevens but that didn't work =0( I was starting to feel invisible on Twitter.

So while I was cleaning my house I started to have this conversation with God, trying to figure out what it is He is wanting me to do with this blog being that it is He that has shown me the many things that CAN be done yet I can't quite understand HOW to do it =0/ I just knew Blissdom was my answer......... I starte…