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Resolutions...Declarations ;-)

This year for 2012 I decided not to make the traditional New Year's Resolution list. I was just going to break them anyway, so why bother....right? Well some friends started posting "words" for 2012; basically summing up your resolutions into one word.....REALLY? Yeah, I believe I  would still be setting myself up for a let down =0/

Seriously I know me and these things NEVER work. However 2011 was a pretty fantastic year for my hubs and I; we crawled further out of debt without throwing the "D" word around, we became more accountable in our marriage, we found ministry in our hearts that we never knew existed, and we learned that we are not the ones truly in control so there is no need to grip the wheel at all. For nothing in 2011 was planned by me ;-) I fell in love with being a preschool teacher,  a childcare provider, a mother of 3 and most of all I fell in love with being a submissive wife. Everything I fell in love with was nothing that I ever liked before.

Therefore rather than make a list of things I want to do I am going to raise my hands and fall willingly for the things He has for me to do. Yet there are some things I feel that the Lord laid on my heart to do that I could have done a little better such as;

  • Being more of an early bird instead of a night owl; Being a firefighter's wife, it is hard to find that alone time with my hubs. We often find ourselves catching up during late night hours and sometimes it is over a pot of coffee, which I am sure is not healthy. Therefore I am curious as to weather or not having that pot of coffee during breakfast hours, with just the 2 of us, may be better for our health and a better start to our day?
  • EXERCISE, EXERCISE, EXERCISE; I will have more on this subject later ;-)
  • Set a computer time;  If I am not catching up with my hubs in the wee hours of the night I am catching up on my blog, blog reading, e-mails, twitter, facebook and etc. Often enough if it is not when the boys are a sleep it is when they are bouncing off my walls which reeks havoc for my parenting skills =-0
  • Read More!!! I haven't read as much as I use to and I believe it is making me lazy ;-) I tried the whole Chronological Bible thing last year and failed. This year my hubs is coaching me along ;-) Not only do I need to finish that challenge but I need to read up on how to raise a teenage boy AAAHHHHH!!!! Not only will this help me grow closer to the Lord but closer to my oldest son who needs me more and more.
  • Blog ALL about it; I have said it too many times before, I feel the Lord has laid this blog in my lap to use it as a tool for His Glory. This is the part where I feel that I have failed by not giving it more than I should. Not because I am lazy or have too much to do but because of fear......I will explain this later as well ;-)
Ok that's it, I know looks like a resolution list to you yet I'd rather we call it a....Declaration ;-)