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How I Save

PhotobucketAfter sharing my totals from 2011 I got lots of interest on "how I do it", from all over. So I thought I would help you start your New Year of right by reviewing and updating a few of my older posts explaining exactly HOW I DO IT ;-) I am going to share every little secret that I have and explain each step from one to the next, breaking it up into a 4 part series.

This "HOW I SAVE" series is broken up into 4 parts so that as I go, you can also follow. I will be giving you tasks to completely before the next post and this will also give me more availability to answer any questions you may have. Being that this series is titled "How I Save" that is exactly what I will be talking about how I save, there are hundreds of ways you can save money and thousands of data you can collect but I save my way, the way that best works for me. I am positive that this can/will work for you as well, therefore I will be sharing EVERY detail ;-)

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