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How I Save; Click, Print, Go

Ok, now hold on to your seats because I am about to give you some Crucial, Exciting and VERY important information.....



Let me tell you a tidbit about myself, that some of you may not already know =0)

I must confess that.....I.....HATE SHOPPING =0( and when I say hate I mean H-A-T-E. No doubt! I would rather get teeth pulled than to have to actually spend time in a grocery store or a clothing outlet .

I LOVE saving $$$ and I LOVE getting a great deal but I absolutely HATE SHOPPING!!

Make since to you? My hubs either ;-)

However I have a Savings Grace and that Savings Grace is the vital key to how I save so much. This vital key can also help you and I have no doubt that this too can be your Savings Grace.

What am I talking about?

Why The Grocery Game of course ;-)

Have you ever played The Grocery Game or even heard of it??

Well I am about to tell you ALL about it =0)

What is The Grocery Game?

The Grocery game is a fun and exciting site that can help you save 67% or more on your grocery bill each month. It  is a web site that posts a list of items at their rock bottom prices at grocery stores in your area matched with manufacture coupons found in most Sunday papers, on the web and even in that store each week. The Grocery Game has an exclusive database that is able to track coupons and sales both advertised and un-advertised.

Does it cost?

Yes it does =0( but not for the first 4 weeks =0) However with the amount of money that I have been saving I am able to include the amount of my Sunday papers each week ($10.50) with the amount of my bi-monthly membership ($20 every 8 weeks) into my total grocery budget and will STILL be saving over 67% on my grocery bill each trip.Therefore it is ABSOLUTELY WORTH EVERY PENNY!! Especially since you don't have to work at it, all you have to do is click, print and go. It's like doing your shopping at home so all you have to do is get it at the store ;-)

How does it work?

First you sign up here at The Grocery Game, Inc. so you can see what I am talking about and then I will explain the rest. If you don't mind I would appreciate it if you use my e-mail address as your referral. Thanx so much ;-)

Now, when you sign in you will be given 4 weeks free, with in these 4 weeks I recommend that you take advantage of having every list available to you. You will see this option on the top left under Comparison Shopping At, like so
The Grocery game also gives you the ability to price compare your favorite stores, with even more guarantee to be buying your products and the best price available that week.

Once you have the lists you are interested in, you can start clicking the items you want. Once you click the check mark you will then be given the location to find the coupon that matches with that sale item; 

**Notice in this pic The Grocery Game is telling you; At Publix General Mills Fiber One Cereal was originally $4.45 but is on sale 2 for $5 and you can find a $.75 coupon in your Smart Source insert from the January 1st  newspaper. Being that you can stack coupons at Publix there is a $2 coupon found in their weekly ad, allowing the grand total of this item to be FREE**

Just a few pointers....

Be sure you familiarize your self with the rules linked to each store in order to gain the best satisfaction with that grocer. Not all lists are released on the same day, due to different sale dates and to make sure ALL unadvertised deals are accounted for, you can see the dates highlighted on the calender. If your theme is different from mine you can change it to your preference. You can also create filters by clicking Show/Hide....I myself hide everything that doesn't have at least 60% savings ;-) By changing your sorting you can list everything by savings, final amount, or alphabetical order by description<~this is the best way to price compare ;-) Let me know if my color coding helped with the picture below ;-)

How do I make it work?

Well now here comes the easy part...for me. I shop mostly at Kroger's because our Church is involved with the Kroger's Cares Program and that is the only way our budget can make Church Camp work, plus I will eventually show you how to rack up those Gas points ;-) So that is my #1 list, I also pay for the Dollar General list (because of their fabulous $5 off $30 and $5 off $25 that they periodically print out at the end of their receipts) and of course the Publix list (because they have FABULOUS sales. These lists over lap on Tuesdays and Fridays therefore those are my shopping days ;-)
  1. Log in to The Grocery Game, Inc.  
  2. I first click on Kroger's and get my grocery list started
  3. then I check with Publix (to check out their deals)
  4. and then I check Dollar General (to check out their deals)
  5. finally I list everything by description to make sure either store doesn't sell an item any cheaper ;-)
  6. click on collect coupons
  7. pull out my binders and start stacking my coupons by store
  8. then I click print
  9. and out the door I go
The hard work is already done before I even get to the store. I have my coupons on hand and my list neatly printed tucked into a small coupon organizer that I keep in my purse at all times. I organize this one by store with a few extra pockets for restaurant coupons ;-)

Now how simple does that sound??? Try out The Grocery Game, Inc. for your self and let me know what you think.

Also if you need a more detailed description about how to navigate on The Grocery Game website comment below and I will be glad to abide ;-)
Next week I'll share how I stock my reserve and donate, donate, DONATE. Donating is the BEST part of saving so much money on your groceries!!

Till then =0)

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