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How I Organize and My First Giveaway

Today I am going to show you the fastest and easiest way to clip those coupons, especially if there are a lot of inserts.

  1. I separate my booklets together like so                                          
  2. Then one booklet at a time I stack each page in their identical stack
  3. Once all pages are together I start cutting one stack at time, all 6 coupons at once ;-)                    (Yes I cut out EVERY coupon)
  4. Then I file my coupons like so<<~~ click to see how I organize my coupons

Complete organization is the key!! So once you have read my Coupon Organization post come back to enter my FIRST GIVEAWAY

Go ahead I will wait.......


OK the inserts that I use for my internet and other manufacture coupon binder they no longer sell =0( or at least I have yet to find anyways.

However I have 5 left that have NEVER been opened!!

And these will be the prize of my FIRST BLOG GIVEAWAY!!!

Just use the widget to enter below and I will announce the winner in my next How I Save post!

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