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Made With Love~Silhouette

I couldn't necessarily post these things before Christmas, now could I ;-)

I made these silhouettes for our children at preschool as a Christmas gift to their parents. I remember my teachers making one for my mother as a Mother's Day gift when I was in preschool.......oooh soooo many years ago =0/ However Technology has drastically changed the course of this invention with; photo printing ;-)

That is right NO MORE begging the children to be still, forcing them to turn their heads while shining a flash light right on them just so you can trace their shadows with out messing up! All you have to do is take their mug shot instead, lol ;-) Take a picture of your child facing side ways and then print it off onto a regular sheet of paper. Don't use your fancy photo paper and as long as your background is not dark, you don't have to even use color.

After it is printed place your photo on top of an appropriate size of black vinyl (or what ever color you choose) and then trace your child's silhouette with a pen or pencil using a justified amount of pressure. It is as simple as that! ;-) Then cut out your pattern, peel your vinyl and then place your silhouette onto a white paper. In this case I used white foam board from the dollar tree, glued red ribbon around the trim and then added a polka dotted bow as the finishing touch.

TADA =0)