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Collecting Coupons

Now there are thousands and I do mean thousands of resources you can research in order to attain coupons. You can load digital coupons onto your loyalty cards, print coupons with your home printer and clip coupons from inserts found in your local paper. Here are some of my favorite resources;

Digital Coupons
(you can also visit Kroger.com to load to your Kroger card)



Printable Coupons


Coupon Network

Red Plum

Clip-able Coupons



* P&G


A lot of your grocery stores such as 
have an array of store coupons. Most store coupons are located at the front of the stores as well as inserted in your local papers. Publix, I have found, has the most store coupons; they have a green flyer, a yellow flyer that are distributed once a month found at the front of their stores and often have other store coupon booklets located throughout the store. Their green flyer can also be found monthly in your local paper.

**Note; Store coupons can be used in conjunction with manufacture coupons, this is called stacking.

Once you have your eye out for coupons you will start finding them in more places than you ever imagined. You can find them at your local pharmacies, in the isle at your favorite grocery, in the magazines at your doctor's office, and even printed on the inside of the box of your favorite products.


 Start collecting your coupons this week from your local papers, register your loyalty cards with the digital websites listed above and  start printing your favorite coupons from the websites I have also listed above (I will post the newer coupons as they come out) Then next week I will show you how I organize all this money ;-)

**Note; I only load e-coupons that are over $.75 because the DO NOT double, other wise I only load as I go**