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Blissdom'12 Sponsorship Opportunities!

I want to go to Blissdom!I am so excited about new opportunities coming up for Prudent Wisdom in 2012. One opportunity in particular is my most favorite of all and that is the Blissdom Conference!!!! I have to shout every time I say it ;-) Surprisingly enough it is going to be held right here in Nashville Tennessee over at the magnificent Opryland Hotel. Being that this conference is here in my home town this year, it would be crazy for me to miss it!!!

However I am seeking sponsorship to help with the cost of attending.


Yes, Sponsorship!

Only because it is truly a win-win situation; you help me get to Blissdom, I help you advertise your brand/product. That simple ;-)

Let me first start by explaining WHAT Blissdom is, then I will tell you WHY you should sponsor me, HOW to sponsor me and last but not least WHEN to sponsor because there is a deadline.

What is Blissdom?

Blissdom is an annual blogging/social media conference for women. It is an environment where we are able to go learn, support and encourage each other. Mommmy bloggers, business bloggers, other writers and marketers alike come together in order to gain fresh perspective and cutting edge developments.

Why Should You Sponsor?

Like I stated before sponsorship is a win-win situation. It is a great way to get your brand in font of hundreds of savvy and creative women, as well as readers and subscribers of Prudent Wisdom. Here at Prudent Wisdom alone we have 346 Twitter followers, 111 Facebook fans, 56 subscribers, up to 30 page views a day and we keep growing =0)

How Can You Sponsor?

As a sponsor you will have the opportunity to share in this experience with one of the following packages;

Premium Sponsorship Package-$300
  • 3 months of advertising in the "Sponsors"section located on the right of this post with a 125x125 px button
  • 2 featured blog post
  • Mentions and links in ALL blog posts related to my Blissdom experience
  • 10 Tweets
  • 5 Facebook posts
Standard Package-$150
  • 2 month of advertising in the "Sponsors" section located to the right of this post with a 125x125 px button
  • 1 featured blog post
  • Mentions and Links in ALL blog posts related to my Blissdom experience
  • 8 Tweets
  • 3 Facebook posts

You can pay with PayPal or business check. I will of course provide you with a receipt for your own business records.

PLEASE NOTE**Due to Blissdom guidelines there are a few things that are NOT included in either of the packages;
  • Business cards, flyer and/or product handouts at the conference
  • A-frame signs, buttons, funny hats or neon signs worn at the conference 
However if you have other ideas for sponsorship I'd be happy to hear them ;-) Each product/brand is unique and I'm open to suggestions ;-)

When Should You Contact Me?

Right now!! =0) If you are interested in not only helping Prudent Wisdom grow but reaching your brand/product out to new/potential readers contact me here

To maximize your exposure, sponsorship requests are needed to be in by February 1st

If you have any other questions you can contact me here as well ;-)

***UPDATE ~ Due to the popularity of this conference tickets are now sold out, however I am on a waiting list and am keeping my eyes wide open***