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How I Save; Click, Print, Go

Ok, now hold on to your seats because I am about to give you some Crucial, Exciting and VERY important information.....



Let me tell you a tidbit about myself, that some of you may not already know =0)

I must confess that.....I.....HATE SHOPPING =0( and when I say hate I mean H-A-T-E. No doubt! I would rather get teeth pulled than to have to actually spend time in a grocery store or a clothing outlet .

I LOVE saving $$$ and I LOVE getting a great deal but I absolutely HATE SHOPPING!!

Make since to you? My hubs either ;-)

However I have a Savings Grace and that Savings Grace is the vital key to how I save so much. This vital key can also help you and I have no doubt that this too can be your Savings Grace.

What am I talking about?

Why The Grocery Game of course ;-)

Have you ever played The Grocery Game or even heard of it??

Well I am about to tell you ALL about it =0)

What is The Grocery Game?

The Grocery game is a fun and exciting site that can help you save 67% …

Resolutions...Declarations ;-)

This year for 2012 I decided not to make the traditional New Year's Resolution list. I was just going to break them anyway, so why bother....right? Well some friends started posting "words" for 2012; basically summing up your resolutions into one word.....REALLY? Yeah, I believe I  would still be setting myself up for a let down =0/

Seriously I know me and these things NEVER work. However 2011 was a pretty fantastic year for my hubs and I; we crawled further out of debt without throwing the "D" word around, we became more accountable in our marriage, we found ministry in our hearts that we never knew existed, and we learned that we are not the ones truly in control so there is no need to grip the wheel at all. For nothing in 2011 was planned by me ;-) I fell in love with being a preschool teacher,  a childcare provider, a mother of 3 and most of all I fell in love with being a submissive wife. Everything I fell in love with was nothing that I ever liked before.

Blissdom'12 Sponsorship Opportunities!

I am so excited about new opportunities coming up for Prudent Wisdom in 2012. One opportunity in particular is my most favorite of all and that is the Blissdom Conference!!!! I have to shout every time I say it ;-) Surprisingly enough it is going to be held right here in Nashville Tennessee over at the magnificent Opryland Hotel. Being that this conference is here in my home town this year, it would be crazy for me to miss it!!!

However I am seeking sponsorship to help with the cost of attending.


Yes, Sponsorship!

Only because it is truly a win-win situation; you help me get to Blissdom, I help you advertise your brand/product. That simple ;-)

Let me first start by explaining WHAT Blissdom is, then I will tell you WHY you should sponsor me, HOW to sponsor me and last but not least WHEN to sponsor because there is a deadline.

What is Blissdom?

Blissdom is an annual blogging/social media conference for women. It is an environment where we are able to go learn, support and e…

How I Organize and My First Giveaway

Today I am going to show you the fastest and easiest way to clip those coupons, especially if there are a lot of inserts.

I separate my booklets together like so                                          Then one booklet at a time I stack each page in their identical stackOnce all pages are together I start cutting one stack at time, all 6 coupons at once ;-)                    (Yes I cut out EVERY coupon)Then I file my coupons like so<<~~ click to see how I organize my coupons

Complete organization is the key!! So once you have read my Coupon Organization post come back to enter my FIRST GIVEAWAY

Go ahead I will wait.......


OK the inserts that I use for my internet and other manufacture coupon binder they no longer sell =0( or at least I have yet to find anyways.

However I have 5 left that have NEVER been opened!!

And these will be the prize of my FIRST BLOG GIVEAWAY!!!

Just use the widget to enter below and I will announce the winner in my next …

Thank You!

Thank you for your understanding, prayers and support during my "time out". The past few weeks have been rough but I am making it through and will restart "How I Save" this Monday right where we left off.

See you then ;-)

Time Out!

I apologize but at this time I must take a break from my blog in order to mourn the loss of my very dear friend.

I welcome prayers that you send our way, her family is truly suffering and this week is going to be hard for all of us.

She is survived by her hubs and 2 beautiful children. I will tell you about her magnificent smile at a later time, right now I need to be with my family..

Thank you for your understanding!

Collecting Coupons

Now there are thousands and I do mean thousands of resources you can research in order to attain coupons. You can load digital coupons onto your loyalty cards, print coupons with your home printer and clip coupons from inserts found in your local paper. Here are some of my favorite resources;

Digital Coupons
(you can also visit to load to your Kroger card)

Printable Coupons

Clip-able Coupons



* P&G


A lot of your grocery stores such as  PUBLIXFOOD LION  have an array of store coupons. Most store coupons are located at the front of the stores as well as inserted in your local papers. Publix, I have found, has the most store coupons; they have a green flyer, a yellow flyer that are distributed once a month found at the front of their stores and often have other store coupon booklets located throughout the store. Their green flyer can also be found monthly in your local paper.
**Note; Store coupons can be used in conjunction with manufac…

Crayon Initials

This project was inspired through Pinterest. I have often racked my brain on how anyone could get the crayons so perfect and then, I figured it out! All it takes is 3 easy steps, that is after you get your crayons in order ;-) I bought 5 packs for 5 projects =0) These were Teacher gifts for some very special teachers! 

STEP #1 I searched for an easy font I could use with out any frustrations ;-) and added the fancy lettering for the teacher's name, being my handwriting stinks =0(
STEP #2 Breaking the crayons was half the fun ;-) then it was glue~n~paste =0)

STEP #3 Frame your master piece =0)

How I Save

After sharing my totals from 2011 I got lots of interest on "how I do it", from all over. So I thought I would help you start your New Year of right by reviewing and updating a few of my older posts explaining exactly HOW I DO IT ;-) I am going to share every little secret that I have and explain each step from one to the next, breaking it up into a 4 part series.

This "HOW I SAVE" series is broken up into 4 parts so that as I go, you can also follow. I will be giving you tasks to completely before the next post and this will also give me more availability to answer any questions you may have. Being that this series is titled "How I Save" that is exactly what I will be talking about how I save, there are hundreds of ways you can save money and thousands of data you can collect but I save my way, the way that best works for me. I am positive that this can/will work for you as well, therefore I will be sharing EVERY detail ;-)

I encourage you to Subscribe …

Made With Love~Silhouette

I couldn't necessarily post these things before Christmas, now could I ;-)

I made these silhouettes for our children at preschool as a Christmas gift to their parents. I remember my teachers making one for my mother as a Mother's Day gift when I was in preschool.......oooh soooo many years ago =0/ However Technology has drastically changed the course of this invention with; photo printing ;-)

That is right NO MORE begging the children to be still, forcing them to turn their heads while shining a flash light right on them just so you can trace their shadows with out messing up! All you have to do is take their mug shot instead, lol ;-) Take a picture of your child facing side ways and then print it off onto a regular sheet of paper. Don't use your fancy photo paper and as long as your background is not dark, you don't have to even use color.

After it is printed place your photo on top of an appropriate size of black vinyl (or what ever color you choose) and then trace yo…