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Love challenge~Day ???

Well I pray that each and every one of you had a VERY Marry CHRISTmas!! I enjoyed being with my family so much that I totally forgot about our love challenge here at Prudent Wisdom.....not really but I assumed all of you would understand my absence ;-) My hubs is only able to spend CHRISTmas eve and CHRISTmas day with us every third year, beyond that it is only one day or the other but unfortunately hardly ever both =0( So yesterday I spent all day putting our castle back together, pulling wrapping paper out of the corners and dusting cookie crumbs out of the curtains. Yes it was a very "productive" CHRISTmas ;-)

So in the spirit of our love challenge I am going to catch us up all in one post =0) Use the challenges to your discretion but PLEASE don't skip them, these little notions are more than just notions they are important to the understanding of the Proverbs 31 WIFE ;-)

Today's Challenge:

After dinner tonight ask your husband to go on a leisurely walk with you around the neighborhood. This is a great time to get out of the house and into fresh air for some exercise. It is also a great way to connect with your man. Grab his hand and enjoy his company. (If your children are too young to be left alone, find a relative or neighbor you trust to watch the kids for this short time or if all else fails, take the kids with you for a family time.)

Today's Challenge:

Write down at least 10 "Little Things" that you love about your husband. Anytime you are feeling especially irritated by him, focus on one (or more if needed!) of these things.

If you keep a thankfulness or praise journal, a good addition to your daily entries might be to jot down one "Little Thing."

Today's Challenge:

Sit down with your spouse when he comes home. Let everything else wait, but take that time to sit with him. Ask him about his day and let him share. Tell him three good things from your day too. Once you're done talking together, let the children come and tell daddy about their day. Do not let the children interrupt your conversation, and enjoy being with your husband.

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