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Love Challenge~Day 7

Make the time to nurture your marriage relationship, no matter how old your children are and no matter how old YOU are! Satan would love to see cracks form so that he can get in there and create division and steal glory from God! What a testimony for Christ, to have fought hard to nurture a relationship and to see God turn it into something that He uses for His glory!


Yes I said DATE. Dating is not resorted to non married couples, it isn't even for teenagers anymore, it is for those that are in love, regardless of where you go or what you do, you HAVE to get away from it ALL.

My hubs and I learned the hard way on how 1 on 1 time was so important. For so long we would wine about not being able to afford to go out and do anything because of our so strapped budget. But dating became a priority, it was something that had to start happening or we were going to bust. So we had to get creative. By creative I mean imaginative ;-) Being that we couldn't even afford a babysitter we had to be a little sneaky =0)

At first we would order out get a RedBox 1 for us and 1 for the kids stick them in their room and pretend we were all alone ;-) On the nights we couldn't afford to eat out we would cook dinner twice once with our children and then again after they had gone to bed. Needless to say those nights they had EARLY bed times. After I became a Pre-School teacher I started to receive gift cards to various restaurants for Christmas and other holiday gifts. However we have enjoyed our in home dates that we have only used a couple of our many gift cards. (Thank God they don't expire ;-))

So what are you waiting for????? Enjoy your date!!

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