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Love Challenge~Day 3

Do you like you hubs? Yes I heard you, you said "No, I love my hubs", but seriously to you LIKE him? As you like your best friend?

One Day during our "departure" I had something wonderful happen that I wanted to share with someone so bad, I just had to tell my best friend what had happened. As I picked up the phone I caught myself dialing my hubs #, I quickly hung up and though to my self  "what was I thinking?" I couldn't tell him the great news he was my enemy right now. In that split second that I had hung up the phone I realized that for so long I thought I was loving my hubs when really I was just liking him. To be honest I didn't know the difference.

I told my hubs everything and yes I do mean EVERYTHING there is nothing he doesn't know about me! So when were climbing our mountain I was very lonely.

After my hubs and I reconciled, and I understood the whole "submissive wife" role, I found the difference in like and love. Love is an experience not just a feeling, love can be created, love is a bond, love is affection, though like is a connection, a friendship, a shoulder to lean on.

I love my hubs and I like being married to him ;-) I show him this everyday. I didn't stop calling him about everything and no I didn't find a new friend, I reconciled with my old one and fell in love with him...again. Only this time I speak his language....his love language ;-)

Look for ONE new way today to show your husband that you LIKE being married to him! This will look different for each of you because each of our husbands are different. With a little bit of creativity and prayer, you can rekindle any lost feeling in the friendship area. Also, you may need to put some of your other relationships on hold until your friendship with your husband is real and vibrant!
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