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Love Challenge~Day 28

I can not tell you how many times I have heard a couple say that they found each other after reconciling. What I mean by that is after all is forgiven they actually sat down and talked.......talked about their dreams, about their heartaches, about their fears, even their hopes and goals in life. As if they had never met before they learned something new about each all over again.

Just because you have been married for as long as you have been alive doesn't mean that your spouse still has the same dreams he once had. Life changes causing reality to come into practice shifting those wants and needs, those goals and dreams.

Even if you are a newly wed this challenge still pertains to you ;-) Seriously sit down and talk =0)

Find a time in the next week to sit and dream together. Find out what your husband’s dream vacation is, or where he’d love to live someday. Get silly and find out what his super power would be if he could have one. Then find out what his dream evening would be and see if you can plan it for him as a surprise. There’s something amazing about having your spouse fulfill a dream! Whatever you do, take some time to shut out the problems around you and simply dream together.