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Love Challenge~Day 24

As stressful as Christmas Eve can be, the last thing you may think about is today's challenge, but you are in luck because today's challenge is something you may not have to work on.....today ;-)

I am so excited for this Christmas being that it this the first Christmas AND Christmas Eve that my hubs has been able to spend with his family since the beginning of his Firefighter career. Through out the year my hubs is away from us 24-48 hours at a time and sometimes longer when he is training or at school. This schedule was stressful for me in the beginning and I would often take my frustrations out on him not knowing how much he was stressing over his schedule as well. I would often make the comments that I was a "single wife living the single mother life"

The second time he had to stay away for a long period of time we discovered Google Talk with video, our boys LOVED it they could see daddy and even got a glimpse of where he was staying. Before that he would sent me little videos via text message to show our boys what he was doing. Today he is not gone for long periods that much but when he stays for over time he Skypes us good night ;-)

All of this we have grown use to, it is where we feel that technology has taken a toll off marriages allowing the doors of communication wider than ever before, despite what the statistics might say! I am able to find the blessings in his schedule like; how easy it is for me to have my hubs to come home to a clean house....I have 24hrs, not 8 ;-) and I LOVE to cook more when I cook less ;-)

My hubs and I frequently practice today's challenge, yes I stated WE BOTH do. I have been known to send a few cards to his work to remind him that we are at home appreciating all he does for us and he has been known to send cards home reminding me that what I do doesn't go unnoticed. 

Your hubs doesn't have to travel for today's challenge, even if he is only gone for a few hours or as far away as down the street you can still step up to the challenge. A simple email of appreciation will brighten his day brighter than you can imagine ;-)

If your husband travels for work, send a card ahead of him so he gets it while he's away. Do you know the people he works with while he's away? Ask them to pick up your husband's favorite candy (send the money in advance). Send a "Good morning/Good night" text. He will love that you're thinking if him.

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