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Love Challenge~Day 20

Today's challenger over at Time-Warp Wife is http://gracefullmama.com/and just out of curiosity I sent my hubs an email much like Joy's, just to see what his response may be. My hubs has surprised me tremendously throughout this year; thank you cards in our mail box, appreciation e-mails, love letters and etc.Therefore I wondered if he would respond the same way Joy's did?

I will post his response when I receive it ;-)

Now if you would like to follow suit in the curiosity...do not set your self up for a fall. If your hubs doesn't respond as Joy's did or like mine will it doesn't mean that your hubs is a bad one or that you are a failure, it just means that your love language is different. Your hubs may indeed list all those things in the order he sees fit, as I suppose mine will. He may even add a few extra steps ;-) I/You may even be surprised, yet again?

However today's love challenge is that of Joy's hub;

My challenge for you today is to put down the duties and be kind!

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