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Love Challenge~Day 2

When my hubs became a Firefighter his hours were nothing like we were use to. I mean going a whole day with out seeing him felt like he was on the other side of the country. He goes in the first thing in the morning and gets off first thing in the morning. Being that he gets home so early we (our kids and I) were often still in bed. Then those mornings in between our oldest would be ready for school and we all would say our greetings in the driveway.

I didn't realize what a strain this was becoming in our marriage.......not just our marriage but also in the relationship between my hubs and our children. It wasn't till our "hiccup" that I understood what it meant to be a submissive wife. Doing things for my hubs, taking care of our house, grooming our children and making time to spend time with him was and is part of every hubs love language. 

Stop and think about it for just a second........even if you are a full time working mother and wife, a part time working mother and wife or a stay at home mommy and wife, when you leave your house do you really want to come back to a dirty house, filthy kids and a high five in the driveway. YES I exaggerated that a lot because our house has NEVER been "dirty" and our kids have NEVER been filthy but do you see what I am getting at?

Rolling out the welcome mat for my hubs makes him fell important and I enjoy rolling out the welcome mat because he IS important. The welcome mat is only the start of a ripple affect in showing my hubs appreciation, the ripples continue to flow as I am setting an example for my children. An example of loving their daddy, an example of how a wife should love her hubs. Yet the welcome mat may be the start but it is not the beginning.

The beginning comes from showing my love and appreciation to our Lord and Savior. It is all about the triangle. The closer you and your hubs are to God the closer you are to each other and when your children see God in your marriage they will be sure to keep him in their own, for God is our first love ;-)

Now, even if we are unable to do anything else but give a high five it is in conjunction with a hug and a kiss. As my hubs passes us he enters  into a clutter free castle and a shiny throne ;-) 

Memorize Psalm 19:14 and 139:23-24, then find one thing in this article that you are not doing and do it this week to honor Christ, your First Love, so you can joyfully serve your Second.

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