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Love Challenge~Day 17

Take a few minutes to consider what "weeds" may be choking out the unity in your marriage (selfishness, busyness, inattention, laziness, pride, anger, lack of forgiveness, specific sins).
Ask God to help you start pulling weeds this very day.

Think of one practical way that you can plant a seed in the right direction:
Do you need to ask for your husband's forgiveness?
~ Write him a note or call him today.
Is life too busy to devote time and energy to your marriage?
~ Ask your husband if together, you can find a way to make your marriage a priority.
Would your marriage benefit from biblical counseling or other biblical resources?
~ With your husband's blessing, take steps to seek out the help you need.
Have you been faithless when it comes to praying for your husband?

Take a few moments and start praying now.
Does your husband need to know how much you care for and value him?
Follow through with one specific action today that will communicate your love.

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