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Better Than PayDay

Well I know that it has been WAY to long since I have posted about my personal grocery savings but I wanted to assure you that I am still saving and pinching my pennies, so much so that tonight I added it all up.

I came across this program from the The Grocery Game, Inc. and have used it my entire savings life. I love it!! All I have to do is enter my OOP and the amount I saved then PRESTO it calculated my cumulative savings/spending for me.

I copied the program several times in order to keep track of each grocery store. Being that I narrowed my running to 2 stores I deleted the others =0/

Here is my Krogers savings;
 Groceries valued at $3,167
 Actual OOP $2,064
 Savings = $1,102

That doesn't look like much but when you add the fact that the totals include GAS AND DIAPERS it looks AMAZING ;-) I didn't really keep up with my gas receipts this year but that will be my goal for next year being that there is even more savings to be included just because I use the gift card system at Krogers ;-)

Here is my Publix savings;
 Groceries valued at $1,458
 Actual OOP $687
 Savings = $771

That looks better but I must admit that I don't shop at Publix anymore only because of my Krogers Cares card, if Publix came up with something like it would become my second home ;-)

My GRAND total looks something like this;

 Groceries valued at $4,624
 Actual OOP $2,751
 Savings = $1,873


***Remember these totals are for a family of 5 and include Gas, diapers, toiletries and cleaning supplies as well as many donated items***

These totals indicate 3 months I went without grocery shopping. Yep that's right I said 3 months WITHOUT ;-) Through the entire summer the only time I was caught at the grocery store was to purchase milk, bread and the occasional gas cards and diapers =0)

My goal is to save even more, spend even less and gain a more valuable reserve in 2012