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Love Challenge~Day 30

Today's Challenge: Lift up grace before his face. Think of at least one thing that you have been "giving signals" over and then have pouted over because he didn't get the signal. Offer him grace. Don't assume he is ignoring the "signal." Go to him and make known the mystery of your will and do it with kindness, not in an accusatory or belittling tone. 

Then look for God's hand in a situation that you are not particularly happy to be in. Think of at least one thing that you do for your husband with "a sour attitude" and turn that sour attitude into sweet submission trusting that God's hand is at work in him and in you and in your marriage.

Love Challenge~Day 29

Today's Challenge: Prepare your husband’s favorite meal with dessert. Set the table nicely and enjoy a wonderful time of fellowship with your husband at the family table. Pull out the best dishes and light a candle! Ask him how his day was. Make eye contact. Surprise him by playing “footsie” with him like when you were dating. Set the mood for the rest of the evening at the dinner table.

Love Challenge~Day 28

I can not tell you how many times I have heard a couple say that they found each other after reconciling. What I mean by that is after all is forgiven they actually sat down and talked.......talked about their dreams, about their heartaches, about their fears, even their hopes and goals in life. As if they had never met before they learned something new about each all over again.

Just because you have been married for as long as you have been alive doesn't mean that your spouse still has the same dreams he once had. Life changes causing reality to come into practice shifting those wants and needs, those goals and dreams.

Even if you are a newly wed this challenge still pertains to you ;-) Seriously sit down and talk =0)

Today's Challenge: Find a time in the next week to sit and dream together. Find out what your husband’s dream vacation is, or where he’d love to live someday. Get silly and find out what his super power would be if he could have one. Then find out what his dream …

Better Than PayDay

Well I know that it has been WAY to long since I have posted about my personal grocery savings but I wanted to assure you that I am still saving and pinching my pennies, so much so that tonight I added it all up.

I came across this program from the The Grocery Game, Inc. and have used it my entire savings life. I love it!! All I have to do is enter my OOP and the amount I saved then PRESTO it calculated my cumulative savings/spending for me.

I copied the program several times in order to keep track of each grocery store. Being that I narrowed my running to 2 stores I deleted the others =0/

Here is my Krogers savings;
Groceries valued at $3,167
Actual OOP $2,064
 Savings = $1,102

That doesn't look like much but when you add the fact that the totals include GAS AND DIAPERS it looks AMAZING ;-) I didn't really keep up with my gas receipts this year but that will be my goal for next year being that there is even more savings to be included just because I use the gift card system at K…

Love challenge~Day ???

Well I pray that each and every one of you had a VERY Marry CHRISTmas!! I enjoyed being with my family so much that I totally forgot about our love challenge here at Prudent Wisdom.....not really but I assumed all of you would understand my absence ;-) My hubs is only able to spend CHRISTmas eve and CHRISTmas day with us every third year, beyond that it is only one day or the other but unfortunately hardly ever both =0( So yesterday I spent all day putting our castle back together, pulling wrapping paper out of the corners and dusting cookie crumbs out of the curtains. Yes it was a very "productive" CHRISTmas ;-)

So in the spirit of our love challenge I am going to catch us up all in one post =0) Use the challenges to your discretion but PLEASE don't skip them, these little notions are more than just notions they are important to the understanding of the Proverbs 31 WIFE ;-)

Day~25 Today's Challenge: After dinner tonight ask your husband to go on a leisurely walk with …

Love Challenge~Day 24

As stressful as Christmas Eve can be, the last thing you may think about is today's challenge, but you are in luck because today's challenge is something you may not have to work ;-)
I am so excited for this Christmas being that it this the first Christmas AND Christmas Eve that my hubs has been able to spend with his family since the beginning of his Firefighter career. Through out the year my hubs is away from us 24-48 hours at a time and sometimes longer when he is training or at school. This schedule was stressful for me in the beginning and I would often take my frustrations out on him not knowing how much he was stressing over his schedule as well. I would often make the comments that I was a "single wife living the single mother life"
The second time he had to stay away for a long period of time we discovered Google Talk with video, our boys LOVED it they could see daddy and even got a glimpse of where he was staying. Before that he would sent me …

Love Challenge~Day 23

Today is my hubs first day back to work in a week (3 shifts). He was having pains in his chest that were very painful and yet puzzling to his docs. Due to the location of his pain his doc kept him at hope until he was able to find answers and rule out his heart. Thank God everything has come back normal so far, however this has been a scary week. Which is why I am blown away at today's challenge, God has def. lead this here, now ;-)

Today's Challenge: Sit down with your hubby...and calendar this week. Ask him how you can help him in his pursuit of health? Can you create room for him in the calendar to exercise? Can you help him find a league that he could be involved in? What kind of healthy snacks can you have around for him?

Love Challenge~Day 22

As I read today's challenger explaining today's challenge I am reminded of the path I traveled down for so long. When My hubs and I married everything was 50/50 and there was no way either of us was going to give one more percent than the other. We both worked we both cleaned and we both cooked, we thought that was the way it worked......

Then when he started creeping I was devastated and no longer did my 50%. If he wanted to keep me then he had to do more in order for me to see he was worth it. Of course he stopped doing his 50% as well......

Needless to say when I understood exactly what a "submissive wife" meant I could completely comply with this story;

There once was a wife that requested a meeting with her Pastor. "Pastor," she said, "I am here for divorce counseling. I need to divorce my husband. He is mean and foul. He leaves a mess in our home. He is demanding, and I just can't take it anymore. I work hard. He doesn't even notice."

Love Challenge~Day 21

Today's Challenge: Pray asking God to help you become keenly aware of your behavior toward your husband and make an extra effort to keep it in check. Line yourself up with the fruit of the Spirit as you examine your heart:

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. Galatians 5:22-23

Love Challenge~Day 20

Today's challenger over at Time-Warp Wife is just out of curiosity I sent my hubs an email much like Joy's, just to see what his response may be. My hubs has surprised me tremendously throughout this year; thank you cards in our mail box, appreciation e-mails, love letters and etc.Therefore I wondered if he would respond the same way Joy's did?

I will post his response when I receive it ;-)

Now if you would like to follow suit in the not set your self up for a fall. If your hubs doesn't respond as Joy's did or like mine will it doesn't mean that your hubs is a bad one or that you are a failure, it just means that your love language is different. Your hubs may indeed list all those things in the order he sees fit, as I suppose mine will. He may even add a few extra steps ;-) I/You may even be surprised, yet again?

However today's love challenge is that of Joy's hub;

Today's Challenge: My challenge for you tod…

Love Challenge~Day 19

Today's Challenge: I want you to bring your time with your husband before God in prayer and then sit down with your husband and listen to him talk about his day, some issue that's on his mind, anything at all. The important part is that you give him your undivided attention. Set aside time where you won't be preoccupied with anything other than simply paying attention to him. If that works out well, you might want to try doing this tomorrow as well. And eventually, you may find yourself getting into the habit of doing this all the time and who knows what that might do to your marriage?

Love Challenge~Day 17

Today's Challenge: Take a few minutes to consider what "weeds" may be choking out the unity in your marriage (selfishness, busyness, inattention, laziness, pride, anger, lack of forgiveness, specific sins).
Ask God to help you start pulling weeds this very day.

Think of one practical way that you can plant a seed in the right direction:
Do you need to ask for your husband's forgiveness?
~ Write him a note or call him today.
Is life too busy to devote time and energy to your marriage?
~ Ask your husband if together, you can find a way to make your marriage a priority.
Would your marriage benefit from biblical counseling or other biblical resources?
~ With your husband's blessing, take steps to seek out the help you need.
Have you been faithless when it comes to praying for your husband?
~ Take a few moments and start praying now.
Does your husband need to know how much you care for and value him?~ Follow through with one specific action today that will communicate your love.

Love Challenge~ Day 15

Sorry I am behind, I know this was yesterdays challenge but I don'' want you to miss out, therefore I am still going to post it separate from today's. Enjoy ;-)

Today's Challenge: Think back to when you met your husband. Remember what it was about him that made him the man of your dreams. Tell him at least one thing that makes him still that man.

Love Challenge~Day 14

Today's Challenge: Memorize Psalm 16:8-9 to offer God your utmost gratitude for saving your soul! And because you are so grateful and desire to consider all things in the light of eternity, whenever your sinful flesh tempts you to consider your needs before your husbands, whether the simplest things or things of great sacrifice, speak this truth to yourself, "Since Jesus Christ, the Son of God suffered and died to save my soul, the very least I can do is _________."

Love Challenge~Day 13

Today's challenge is wome what interesting and you need to check out Time-Warp Wife to get the full story ;-)

Today's Challenge: Seek a common interest with your husband and start to develop it. Maybe it will be something that he's already interested in that you could develop an interest in too, or it might be something that neither of you have ever considered before. It could be something as simple as enjoying a board game--you never know!

Love Challenge~Day 12

I know there are some of you that are going to spit at your computer when you see this challenge, so I am going to give you a moment to prepare your self........................Forgiveness is tough especially if you have been building up bitterness in your heart. Whether the issue be minuet or overwhelming today's challenge is................

Today's Challenge: I challenge you give your husband a break today. Choose to forgive, especially if there is something that’s been eating away at you. Let it go. Act as if it never happened and watch how God heals.

Love Challenge~Day 10

I encourage you to read today's (Day10) post at Time-Warp Wife. It is beautiful guest post by Jenny!

Today's Challenge: Find a quiet moment with your husband and ask him if there is one thing you can specifically pray for him for. And then bow together and spend a moment imploring the Lord for your dear man... in his hearing.

May your marriages be blessed by the One who brought Eve to Adam!

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 If you are not a blogger you can still join the challenge by leaving comments below the Linky Tool ;-)

Love Challenge~Day 9

One of the greatest daily challenges I face and have faced since the day I married my hubs is to INTENTIONALLY love him. I love my hubs with my entire heart, I tell him this every day, especially before we say good bye but often I do not show him this.

I am very busy and am always bouncing from one end of the house to the other. Our home is always filled with other children, besides our own, and not often enough am I home to cook him a home cooked meal. Sadly enough he is often washing his uniforms for school and work himself. I get so overwhelmed with making sure that he spends as much time as possible with our children that I often neglect the fact that WE need time together as well, just he and I.

I take pride in the fact that my hubs comes home to a clean house everyday, with 5 children (4 boys) that is HARD, especially since we live in a tiny house ;-) I want him to come home and enjoy his family, I want him to come home to relax, I want home. Being a firefighte…

Love Challenge~Day 8

Today's Challenge: Be willing to ask your husband for his forgiveness for actions where you tend to put 'self' before 'sacrifice.'

Here are some ideas:Your contentiousness and lack of respectYour unwillingness to follow him (submission)Your discontentmentYour frustration with his leadershipYour cold shoulder towards himYour lack of intimate affection with himJust for the record, my husband and I are often apologizing to one another, because we do stupid, selfish, and rude stuff to each other all the time!
"Or how can you say to your brother, 'Let me remove the speck from your eye'; and look, a plank is in your own eye? Matthew 7:4

Boy is this a challenge or what? Regardless if it is unconsciously or not we are ALL guilty of doing this. You will be surprised be his reaction ;-)

Love Challenge~Day 7

Today's Challenge: Make the time to nurture your marriage relationship, no matter how old your children are and no matter how old YOU are! Satan would love to see cracks form so that he can get in there and create division and steal glory from God! What a testimony for Christ, to have fought hard to nurture a relationship and to see God turn it into something that He uses for His glory!
Yes I said DATE. Dating is not resorted to non married couples, it isn't even for teenagers anymore, it is for those that are in love, regardless of where you go or what you do, you HAVE to get away from it ALL.
My hubs and I learned the hard way on how 1 on 1 time was so important. For so long we would wine about not being able to afford to go out and do anything because of our so strapped budget. But dating became a priority, it was something that had to start happening or we were going to bust. So we had to get creative. By creative I mean imaginative ;-) Being that we coul…

Love Challenge ~Day 6

Isn't it funny how when you are dating you are all about pursuing on another, then after marriage and 7 years later the total art of "pursing" is completely lost? Through the midst of our "transformation" pursuing one another was an absolute challenge. The very thought to me was hysterical!! Why on Earth would I want to pursue my hubs? A man that I had already said I do to? A man that i had been with, lived with and conceived children with? He obviously knows me inside and out, what else would we have to share that we don't already know? Seriously? I really had no idea what pursuing truly meant.

I always thought that pursuing was more of the mans job and the woman was to make it a chase, lol Never did I realize that even after marriage one should not stop pursuing the other. Today's challenge is just that ways you can pursue your hubs. Here are 2 examples;

Affirmation - You should be your husband's biggest fan! Tell him you love him, tell him he look…