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Ok so I started this blog with the intentions of sharing my couponing skills, much like other sites such as Southern Savings and Faithful Provision, in which, I might add that my original blog started about the same time theirs did, however most of my knowledge came from them ;-) Yet when I learned how to coupon it was before the internet and I mastered stock piling before it was branded "stock piling."

I learned the dos and don'ts from my mom and cousin. Do~ dance like a millionaire when you save a lot of $$$$ (mom) Don't~ have more stock pile in your closet than clothes (cousin) HAHA!!

I LOVE saving money but I LOVE even more to donate. I have been completely honest with my readers about my ridiculous debt and that being the reason I became extreme.....UGH, here recently I don't like using that word, "extreme" it just makes my skin crawl any more. With this OVER RATED television show basket cases have come out of the wood work and me being one of them.

Not because I am adding additions to my house in order to support my stock pile but because I seriously thought about tackling a woman in the grocery store just because of what was in her cart.

Let me back up a bit; for those of you that don't know I am a Pre-school teacher at our Church and the "school year" coincides with our county being that we get the same vacations they do. Which works out for the most part, yet being that I know I will gain no paycheck in the summer, my family and I live off our stock pile. Therefore I don't have to shop if I don't get a paycheck, Smart hugh ;-) Well the problem is....I got LAZY =0(

Now that our stock pile is completely gone I HAVE to go to the grocery store which was not big deal at first. I regrettably discovered I had been lazy for too long. I am not able to leisurely go to the grocery store and enjoy my kid free time anymore. I now have to race to the grocery store, taking the kids, run down the aisle while praying the whole way that some "shelf clearer" hasn't beat me to it!!! SERIOUSLY!!!

Which brings me back to the poor lady with the buggy of Tyson Chicken. My hubs has a full week of school and 2 jobs ahead of us, the kids I keep are coming and we have a birthday party this Saturday, our finances are strapped so tight that we are choking Lincoln and I mysteriously LOST $100 which was my grocery budget for the next 2 week..UGH...I NEED that CHICKEN, it is on sale I have coupons and I can make SEVERAL meals out of 1 bag!! Just 3 bags is all I needed, actually wanted we could have survived off 1 but she had a CART FULL, so bad I wanted to tackle her. I then realized that I too am a TLC nut being that I blame them for this "crusade".

I eventually left the grocery store empty handed but later I though what if I had asked that woman to split her cart with me, would she have understood if I shared my story?? Maybe she was like me and enjoys the donation more than the savings....What do you think? I think the Lord is trying to teach my something out of all this, things get more complicated when there is a lesson to be learned =0(

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