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Third Watch

Several years ago, about 11, my hubs and I were fascinated with the TV show Third Watch . It was the best by far!! We were so addicted that we never missed an episode, even after several time and night changes, we remained their #1 fans.

This show first aired in 1999 and as many of you know 2 years later, was not only the tragic day of September 11 but it was the turning point in our lives. Much of this show was an inspiration to my hubs and a guide to what was in store for me. I am a Police Officer's daughter so I knew how that worked but I never saw a glimpse of the other side.

Yes I know it was just a "show" but really it wasn't. It wasn't just another week night drama or night time soap opera it was a window of how our emergency personnel actually have to juggle family issues, job and politics...oh the politics ;-) I became more intrigued with each character as each new episode aired and as the seasons went on.

Then came the night I thought would never come, the night of the Grand finale my hubs and I said farewell to our favorite show with dinner, dessert and several tears (mostly mine). Never again have we found a show that could quite compare and believe me we've tried :-( Now being that Third Watch didn't run as long as ER or Friends I know it isn't up there with national top 5 but it remains #1 on our list of the all time greats!!

Well last March I was able to use my rewards at Swagbucks.com to score Amazon.com $25 Gift Card and purchase Third Watch: The Complete Seasons 1 & 2 for my hubs. I was so excited that not only did I purchase him the most AWESOME Christmas gift EVER but I purchased it at a fraction of the cost. This was a $120 value for on $24.97 =0) YAY!

Needless to say I could not wait until Christmas, however I did make it to his birthday, which is in November ;-) We have watched at least one episode every night since. We have even gotten our son hooked on it, so now not only are we able to enjoy watching each episode all over again, we are able to enjoy it as a family for the first time.

I have so missed these nights ;-) No if they would just release season 3 GRR!

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