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Challenger, Failure

Yes I failed =0( My 10 days with out complaining was a flop and this morning I gave in letting it all out in one breath UUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

I was quite proud of myself making it through Thanksgiving with out complaining about certain people who do certain things in certain situations.That must have infuriated others being they just kept nagging as if it were the devil himself was trying to break me.

I learned that sometime you just have to let it out in order to let it go.

The problem is there are things that I continue to let go, over and over and over again. I am beginning to wonder if it is part of spiritual warfare or is the Lord trying to tell me something, something like; "you're going to keep doing it til you get it right" or "nope you messed it up, do it again"?!

I am trying my best to hold on to the silver lining with a tight grip but it continues to slip. I even repeat Joel Olsteen......I am that eagle flying high soaring in God's glory and they are just crows pecking at my tail feathers....yea that is how I see it now ;-)

The truth is when you are flying high with Jesus others will show jealousy either because they don't know Jesus or it is not them you are flying high with which makes them not in the lime light. Either way jealousy unravels insecurities unveiling conceitedness and deception. Though I am neither, I am frustrated with the lack of maturity and morality.

I am frustrated with despite. 

Yet I could be a lonely old lady, with none of the above...........Thank God I have frustrations!! =0)


Amy said…
The frustrations get me too sometimes. I love your bio. I'm not one of those people who can keep a pristine house on a moment's notice either. :)

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