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3 Days With Out Complaining......

Well it is day 3 and I know I promised to blog every day but did you really think that was going to happen? lol! I must confess that this has been the most difficult challenge that I have ever taken, I mean seriously, I have ALWAYS been able to find the silver lining in EVERY situation and have been able to weather storms on the stormiest of days this should have been a piece of cake.

My hubs and I enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner/Lunch with my family that was awesome! Until my hubs confesses that he was in some heavy pain that wont go away. So off to the ER we go. While we were there I had the pleasure of meeting all the Docs and nurses that he meets with on a daily basis. The nurse assigned to him shared the story of the night he didn't come through the ER doors as a Fire Fighter but as a man down (I will have to share that night in another post) and when she finished I turned to my hubs and said "I am still upset about the way it was handled"

Yes that is my confession, I complained =0(

This challenge, in its self, has been another way in which the Lord is able to use his most gracious 2x4. You know the BIG fat board that he uses to smack me up against the head with to keep it on straight...Yea that's the one. Because at that very moment not only did I realize that I had just complained but the WHAAAK sound was just a soft whisper reminding me that the situation was dealt with, we got through it and we are continuing to move on.

My hubs gets treated for his pain, that was a result of a long time back injury, in the top of his knee no doubt and we leave to go...shopping? lol, No really we go to Walgreens which is the only pharmacy open on Thanksgiving to fill his prescriptions and they were having such great sales that we loaded a buggy while we were there;-)

On the way home I started pondering on the many ways that the Lord handles things and as frustrating as it is not to understand, I am reminded that it is not about me. I wish and pray that certain things were different in our lives especially certain family situations but again; it is not about me, it has nothing to do with me, it stems from a root that was planted long before I ever came and the best thing I CAN do is give it to God. I know I have said long before that I have cut the ties but the truth is; I was still hanging on to a tiny string that has now been let go of.

So now back to the challenge......just because I "flunked" on the 3 day doesn't mean that I am stopping here. I mean that was only one little complaint that stemmed from a little bit of bitterness that was there long before this challenge. Yes I know...I still failed =0( But I am going to keep my head held high and march for 7 more days, because this challenge has only revealed that when the devil comes on strong the Lord comes on stronger =0)

Now how are you doing in this challenge? Leave me a comment to let us know if you are struggling or if you got this in the bag...

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