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Halloween/Birthday Bash

My son's birthday is in October and since the day he was born I have always wanted to do a Halloween/Birthday bash. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! Not for the gooey goblins or the gore at all and no I am not a devil worshiper, I just like the fact that it is ok for one day to dress up and pretend to be some one else ;-)

My son on the other hand didn't feel the same way, not until last year when he finally gave into my begging and decided to have a Halloween/Birthday bash. Together we went and picked out some decor, then I searched on the internet things I could make my self, he decided what he wanted to be and with the help of my mom and my friend we brought it all together. We even built a haunted house out a 2 room tent we had ;-)

It was a COMPLETE success, better than I imagined! So much so that my son decided that he wanted to make it a tradition and have a Halloween/Birthday bash EVERY year. YAY!!!

I have to give my mom and friend credit for such great decor, t…