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That September Day

It has been 10 years and every year I write a post about what I was doing that day. Being that I remember as if it were yesterday my story never changes and though this year my story is still the same I embrase it a little differently. I can tell you every thought that rang in my head that day, what we ate for dinner, the words we spoke and even who we spoke them to. However I was not able to tell you what God said, until now.

I had to work 3rd shift for a short period in time in order to get our ducks back in a row after my complicated pregnancy with our first son. My hubs worked second shift so my parents watched our son for us over night. I had just gotten off shift and was at my parents picking our son up, when at a glance, my mom was flipping through the channels as she always does ;-), I saw smoke coming out of a tall building. I asked her to turn it back, but she thought it was a movie, much to our surprise, it wasn't yet we were unable to hear anything because the sound was out? As we stared at the screen with confusion, trying to figure out what was going on, we finally heard the announcer apologize for technical difficulties, at this point the only thing that was known was that a plane had crashed into one of the twin towers. Without a second glance the second plane hit. I do believe that is one of the 2 moments in my life time that my life literally flashed before me. We still did not know that we were under attack but it was obvious something was dreadfully wrong.

The next hour is some what of a blur being that it normally took me 45 mins to get home and I am unsure if I actually drove the speed limit or not. I do remember squalling and looking back at my son repeatedly saying "I'm sorry", "I'm sorry", "I am so sorry", pleading as if he had any idea what I was talking about. You see a few years before my hubs and I made a vow to each other that we would not have children and I could not believe that we did.The only thing I could think about was that we brought a child into this awful world, we had allowed a child to be born from us into a world that contained so much hatred, innocent people were going to die for no reason.

As I arrived home I found my hubs still asleep.....I could not believe that he could sleep through this, America was under attack and he was asleep =0/ I woke him up and he thought I had lost it. When he finally came into the living room to see what I was talking about, he became speechless. Together we sat in front of the TV for the rest of the afternoon watching the events of that day unfold. I had not had any sleep since the day before, so eventually I laid down for some shut eye. When I woke up, he was standing over me just staring and without a blink he said I know what I want to do with my life.....I of course asked "What" and he said "That" as he pointed to the TV???? I was confused, he explained that he was going into the Army and he was going to be a Firefighter. That is when I told him HE had lost it ;-) However now I see that is when the Lord spoke, that is when God said to my hubs "I have something better in mind for you", that is when the Lord told me "hold on tight".

That week my hubs became a Volunteer Firefighter and though the Army thing did not work out, he has since become a full fledged Firefighter with ALL the certifications that follow, an EMT, he is HAZMAT certified, he is a BLS instructor, he is attending Paramedic school as I write this post and he is as motivated today as he was today 10 years ago.

On that September day the world didn't stop turning, it obviously didn't come to an end and the devil did NOT prevail for the Lord was there and through our testimony He has given proof that without a doubt wherever there is tragedy He still and will remain, bringing courage, strength, hope, inspiration, love and even forgiveness. I will forever stand tall beside my hubs who IS a Brave Firefighter, I support his sacrifices he makes every day for others and I thank God for joining us with a family of Heroes however, my heart will also forever ache for my fellow sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews that are still hurting by the tragedy of 9/11. I Pray for their serenity and that God is Glorified!!


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