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Fun Visuals

I REALLY wish I had kept the site in which I got the idea for this "art" project,Because I am not exactly sure how to explain its purpose being that it isn't necessarily an "art" project =0/ However kids LOVE it!!

I keep 2 angels during the week to play with my own and have been meaning to get a few projects start so I am not necessarily "babysitting" them all the time. They are enrolled in the preschool where I teach so they aren't stuck with me 24/7 ;-)

Anyways this project is more of a visual for the senses project and is EASY!! All you need is 

  • Hair gel (preferably clear)
  • Zip-loc bags
  • Food coloring
  • Packaging tape

To make it is easy enough a child can do it ;-)

Then I added the food coloring...

sealed the bag taped the top of the bag over the seal, then I taped the bag (at the top) to a flat service and away he went

You can even place pics under the bag and have them trace it as a visual project ;-) Mine loved it so much I tried it out with our preschool class and it was a complete success =0) Although I have now used all the gel up and there isn't any left for my 2 angels =0( Yet they go to there dads for 2 weeks so I have that long to get enough projects together to keep them occupied for a fun filled 3 weeks ;-) I am so excited!!

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