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Awakening by Stovall Weems (Book Review)

Upon receiving my book i was hesitant about reading it. Though I am a Christian I have never practiced fasting, and inn this book Stoval really hits the subject hard. He explains so much that I now understand the general concept, however I must admit I did not fast nor do I long do to it...........by myself. I feel that it would have a greater impact if it were a group effort with support and accountability.

Yet it is not all about fasting, it is totally about awakening, awakening your spirit and love for Christ. Stovall explains the reason for awakening in several different scenarios, which I soon understood once my own scenario came into play. When we accept Christ and allow him to take control of our lives, we have this deep passion for his love much like we did the day we faced marriage proposal.

Our hearts were filled with compassion,excitement and overwhelmed with joy. We have a ceremony and pour our hearts into our vows, meaning every breath taking word. Then life hits, we are still in love but the passion is gone. We begin to pour our hearts into things that have less meaning than our purpose because the world tells us that is how it is suppose to be. But it's not and Stoval explains why with scripture.

Awakening is just that it is an Awakening of your faith bringing back the passion you once had for Christ Jesus and shows you how to keep that passion for every day life. By sharing these simple steps * experiencing surrender * experiencing passion for God * experiencing God's goodness *creating space for God to fill, Stovall explains how to remain awakened.

“I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review”.

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