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Bible in 90 Days: Day 31

Ok, here I go again, posting this challenge and not keeping up with my blog =0( can you see my shameful face?

Well to be completely HONEST with all of you......I haven't actually kept up with the reading myself =0(

This time around I have had the honor of being a mentor and being that it is my 1st time in this position I wanted to put all concentration on how to be the best ;-) I have been contacting, studying, emailing and praying in the midst of the amazing chaos around me for each member in my group along with all the other mentors in this challenge. I feel that things have been going great so far =0)

To be quite frank with you I have read up to this point, more than 3 times, therefore, I have been deliberately holding off till this point. I feel that his is the point where I mostly fall off the wagon so i am going to now use it as the point on hop on the wagon ;-)

Today's Reading: 1st Chronicles 24:1-2nd Chronicles 7:10.
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How are you doing in your reading??

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