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WHEW! What a Week (Part1)

So as I sat down to write this post I realized that it's been 2 weeks, 2 weeks since I posted a personal post. My how that makes my schedule seem that much more compacted than it truly was. I knew I had to break it up into parts or this would just be another rambling post but I guess I didn't realize I should have broke it up into weeks instead, although these past 2 weeks run close enough together that it doesn't matter.......I am rambling aren't I?

It all started with the week we headed to Church camp, that was the week that we were praying the angel of death would soon leave =0( But he didn't, he took one more loved one while we were away. As horrible as it sounds I didn't flinch, as if I was so dumb to the idea of death I just rejoiced in the fact that I know I will one day see him again. I didn't tell my son about it, he had already been through enough and I was praying he would open up to his counselor about it.

That is when God literally placed his hands upon us and said "I got this"

Within those 3 days I was able to get sleep ;-) rejoice in the Lord and connect with a beautiful young lady that I had not seen in 13 years. Yes 13 years, what a way to make some one feel old ;-) I started doing her hair before she was 3, she had beautiful curly ques just like Shirley Temple and we would fix her up for all her beauty pageants she would be in. Her parents had gotten a nasty divorce causing us to loose touch, soon after that my hubs and I moved away. I thought I would never see her again and often wondered how she was doing.

I was helping make s'mores for snack time, we were behind so we recruited the youth to help us that is when I saw her standing there in front of me. I could tell she was at least 16, but all I could see was a little girl twirling around to show off her new white dress. Her name tag didn't say her name so I was some what confused, I asked what her name was, knowing it was her yet thinking she would not remember me at all. When I told her my name I was relieved to see that she had not forgotten =0) We stood there in each others arms for ever, I could not believe after the week I had that this was happening. The greatest thing I NEVER expected.

The next few days I watched her connect with the children sharing the word of God with them, I was in of awe of the beautiful young Lady of God that she is and has become thanking God every day for showing me his work.

My son did finally open up to his counselor who guided him through his emotions with spiritual connections. I am not sure what was said but my son felt the need to, then, keep me in his sight at all times, which was not bad ;-). He invited me on a hike with his group to see a breath taking water fall with sparkling clean, clear water running through the mountains. Each night he would come looking for me to walk around the camp telling me about his day and all that he had done. He was so excited to be the one to tell me I didn't want to break his heart and tell him I had seen it all ;-) GOD IS GOOD!

After Church camp we came back home and packed right back up for a family camping trip with my parents at my Uncle's house who has like 80 acres that rest upon a mountain top ;-) It is a magical piece of property with the greatest view of the sunset each day.

The weekend was fill with four wheeling, swimming, more swimming, cook outs, hikes, firework shows and target practice. Yes target practice, our 2 oldest shot a bb gun for the first time and are now hinting Christmas gifts ;-) My hubs was working all weekend so it was great keeping the boys busy through the holiday, though he did pop in on us for a few ours July 4th =0)

After that I had to head back and prepare for a work week =0( This was the first week of preschool camp and I had not prepared for any of it =0P Then I realizes that the B90Days challenge was sneaking up on me as well.

That is when I heard the Lord say again "I got this"......................................

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