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Jeffrey & Rachel Hardcastle: ‘This is What Jesus Does’

When my hubs and I realized that it was accountability we were missing in our marriage, we were introduced to a few amazing couples. One couple in particular makes our marriage struggles look like a birthday party gone wrong at Chuckie Cheese, being that they have literally been through hell and back, back to Jesus.

Seriously listen to their story and see for yourself. Jeffrey & Rachel Hardcastle: ‘This is What Jesus Does’

Go ahead I will wait.............

So what did you think? Pretty amazing huh!?

When we met Jeffrey and Rachel we knew that we all had one thing in common but we did not know right away what that common was, until one night they shared their story with us and I must say I was blown away.

That night my hubs and I sat up and talked about not only how remarkable there venture was but how just listening to their testimony gave US wisdom, strength and encouragement

Wisdom to know that we were not the only ones. For a long time I thought we were the only ones in out town trying to move on from any and everything that could break up a marriage. I knew we weren't the only ones in America, obviously, but it was hard to reach out for help due to fear of rejection or humility. So the only place we went for the longest time was Church.

Strength to know that we now have friends that have our backs, comm-rads in this warfare of marital bliss, partners in Christ to keep Jesus in our face and support on the front lines. They helped us find our armor!

Encouraging us to share our story with any one would listen because our story is an example of forgiveness, an example of Jesus and His unfailing love for us.....His unfailing love for you.

I encourage you to listen to their story again and again. If your marriage is in trouble follow Rachel's directions in the end of this video and know that regardless how helpless the situation feels, Jesus is there....right there beside you waiting for you to take his hand.

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